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    Herman Cain did not just fall, he was pushed

    Herman Cain did not just fall, he was pushed

    I’ve done this before, more than once.  But now that Herman Cain is out of the race, this may be the last time (probably not, but we can hope):

    As of today, 5 weeks after Politico broke the story, we still do not know what Herman Cain was accused of doing at the National Restaurant Association which gave rise to Politico’s original October 30 report of two settlements, or the evidence to support Politico’s characterization of the allegations as “sexual harassment.”

    We keep talking about 4 or 5 sexual harassment accusers, but we know the allegations of only one (Sharon Bialek, who was not part of the original Politico reporting and whose story is highly suspect).  I just think it’s worth noting, even if it’s history now.

    The latest allegation of marital infidelity (which Cain denies and as to which there is no independent evidence) would not have cratered Cain’s campaign but for the weeks of reporting kicked off by Politico on October 30.

    Which brings me to this masterpiece of denial by Jonathan Martin as to what Politico did to Cain, Herman Cain 2012 campaign a victim of the laws of political gravity:

    Cain, who exited the race Saturday over allegations of sexual  impropriety, demonstrated that candidates still must have a grasp on the issues,  possess some degree of political experience and retain a competent staff.

    Antipathy toward Washington may be soaring, but outsider status isn’t  sufficient by itself to overcome deeper flaws.

    GOP primary voters are indicating that they’d prefer a insider who’s  competent than someone from outside the establishment who may not be up to the  task of taking on President Obama.

    There is truth to the point that Cain’s failings as a candidate — lack of political experience, superficial knowledge of the issues, and an incompetent team — would have led Cain’s campaign to fall to earth by the pull of political gravity.

    I never was a Cain supporter, so I had no vested interest in seeing him prevail, and his departure probably will help my preferred candidate.

    But come on, Politico pushed Cain off the bridge, he didn’t just fall by some force of nature.  Hundreds of articles using the term “sexual harassment” without any facts is not natural, it’s a journalistic freak of nature.


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    Chicklet | December 5, 2011 at 12:07 am

    Does anyone remember that what the country truly needs is a new commander in chief? Is it not obvious that this years crop of media stars feels the same way the jornolists felt- powerful enough to take down anyone, without much proof, just for kicks? Not feeling powerful enough, the politico folks (and lots of their kin) want to make news instead of report on it. They think they can do this from the comfort of their bedrooms, with a laptop, and without many facts.

    How to fix this? Well lets stop giving these guys so much oxygen and focus on what it takes to bring real facts before the American people. The ‘media’ is not going to do it and so far the ‘traditional’ republican messaging and extremely tired ad campaigns and postcards aren’t doing it for me.

    Demand better, demand modern cutting-edge media campaigns, get some people who understand the power of the internet and drag our tired republican campaign committees into the present. It’ll be hard to win independent voters, young voters, and disgruntled democrats when we’re getting beat on strategy day after day. Demand better!

    Kenshu Ani | December 5, 2011 at 8:57 am

    Well, to follow the analogy, I agree that Cain was pushed by Politico. However, I don’t think they pushed him over the edge. They left him teetering over the precipice and it was his windmilling response that sent him over. I truly think that if he hadn’t made so many blunders in how he responded, he might have survived the attack.

    His staff lashed out against Perry (and I think once against Romney). His staff said one thing and he said another.

    It was like they were caught totally off guard. Which they shouldn’t have been. When he first started his campaign, his chief of staff should have set him down to discuss any possible skeletons he had that could be dug up. Settlements in sexual harrassment cases should have been brought up then and a response should have been worked out well in advance. After all, he would be running as a Republican and he should have been prepared to be slimed by the media.

    It was the ill prepared Cain campaign team that made me conclude that Cain wasn’t ready for a really nasty general election. It wasn’t Politico that made me think that. I mean these were sexual harrassment settlements. Those things are a joke. They were back in the 90’s and they are today. Via Hot Air Student suspended for saying teacher was “cute” The teacher wasn’t even present when he said it, and they are calling it sexual harrassment. Oh yeah, and it was a 9 year old boy who said his teacher was cute.

    Better hope he never runs for president in the future. At least not as a Republican.

    As I wrote in my own blog – The question remains: Which Republican candidate will be next to collapse under the blazing heat of media propaganda? Figure out who has the best chance of defeating Obama and you will have your answer.

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