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    Government not shutting down so blog continues

    Government not shutting down so blog continues

    The government is not shutting down at midnight.  So here’s some more stuff:

    • Incandescent light bulb ban not banned, but not really going into effect.
    • Rich Lowry, Applying while Asian.  Commenter LukeHandCool made a similar point on the Tip Line earlier this month.
    • Newt has hired one of Marco Rubio’s fundraisers.
    • Take a look at Obama’s campaign war room.
    • Federal court upholds Dem redistricting map in Illinois, which the Court described as “a blatant political move to increase the number of Democratic congressional seats.”  Is it me, or are we losing and the Dems winning all these redistricting disputes?
    • Video of Tim Russert taking on Ron Paul over earmarks, and doing the job the Fox News folks didn’t do last night.
    • Good post by a Cornell undergraduate taking Obama to task over Obama’s flip-flops.
    • Christopher Hitchens has died.  Kathleen will have a post about it in a couple of days after she finishes her term paper!  She is our resident Hitchens expert.
    • More to follow.
    • Is this a problem for Perry?  Took early “retirement” to up pension benefits.  Perry supporters please explain why it’s not a problem.
    • I could not even bring myself to read the article, Star witness describes PSU shower scene.

    And what you’ve all been waiting for, a NASA video of a comet passing near the Sun (h/t Hip Hop Republicans):


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    Aarradin | December 16, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    Obama campaign HQ: Looks extremely…temporary. Like they staffed up yesterday and could vacate at a moments notice, leaving no trace they were ever there.

    Redistricting: The good news is, R’s control more branches (House/Senate/Governor) of government at state level than they have in a LONG time (ever?). The better news is that those numbers are likely to keep going up, at least in the near future.

    The bad news is, the D’s have rigged the whole system in their favor. The unconstitutional VRA gives them a huge edge, allowing them to create safe majority-minority districts that can never be eliminated. It also allows them to sue over ANY Republican redistricting plan. Worse, most judges are sympathetic to their form of racial gerrymandering. Worse yet, a number of states (including some R controlled) use ‘nonpartisan’ commissions to redraw districts. These commissions ALL lean far left.

    Given their control of ‘nonpartisan’ commissions, the judiciary and the DoJ, all of these problems get worse in states where the R’s don’t have control of all three of the House/Senate/Governor. In VA this year, for example, R’s had the Governor and Assembly, but were down 22-18 in the Senate. A ‘nonpartisan’ group consisting entirely of current/former D politicians and advisors redrew the map. The came up with an extremely favorable D map designed to help them hold the state Senate, who’s seats were all up in 2011. That election saw 2 seats go R, for a 20-20 partisan tie (R Lt Gov gets tiebreaking vote). However, if the redistricting were truly non-partisan its hard to imagine R’s getting less than 26 seats (we won about 60% of the vote statewide). If R’s had controlled redistricting, we could easily have put 30 of 40 seats safely in R hands, even accounting for safe D controlled VRA seats.

    D’s have to cheat to win. This isn’t news to anyone.

    I’m torn between these two views of “Hitch” …

    Retirement money, even social security, is supposedly your own money not public largesse. That’s why each person has their own individual pension account based on salary/pension deductions. Getting it back is not taking from others no matter when you chose to start getting it back.

    I’m retired. I paid in for decades and that was invested and earned a very good return. So, whose money is that if not mine?

    LukeHandCool | December 16, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    Re: “Applying while Asian,”

    If you want to see some Asian parents get really riled up, this is a good subject to broach.

    Just like “the evil 1%” targeted by OWS, the kids are penalized for their hard work, their good behavior, and their parents’ sacrifice. I guess it just isn’t cricket to succeed these days.

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