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    Fraud, etc.

    Fraud, etc.

    Some interesting doings:

    • He may not have stolen the whole election, but he may have stolen Indiana.
    • Via Sarah Palin, looks like Fast & Furious was purely political, to make the case for gun control, the smoking gun.
    • I know that people are sick of me posting stuff about Newt, but he’s crushing Romney in new polling from CNN in Iowa, SC, and Florida, and only 9 points behind in NH.
    • How good was Newt’s speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition today?  Pass the popcorn.
    • With all due respect, does anyone care who John McCain endorses?  What we all care about is who Meghan McCain endorses.
    • Obama really, really does not want that pipeline built, he’ll veto payroll tax deal if it’s included.
    • Colonel Potter has died.  R.I.P.  I’ll always remember him more from Dragnet.
    • What else?
    • Breaking:  Judge says Boston can kick out Occupy campers, it’s not speech it’s “a hostile act, an assertion of possession against the rights of another. The act of occupation, this court has determined as a matter of law, is not speech. Nor is it immune from criminal prosecution for trespass or other crimes.”  Of course, the wimpy Boston pols have no plans to actually do anything, according to the article.

    Two new ads out.  Perry’s play for the evangelical vote is heavy-handed, and making an issue of gays in the military versus prayer in school is mixing apples and oranges, unless of course you consider being gay a religion.  Romney’s ad seems a bit too coy — we get it, you have a great marriage and Newt burned through two of them — but if you are suggesting that makes Newt unfit or you more fit, then show guts and come right out and say it, hopefully to Newt’s face on stage on Decembe3r 15.


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    I come away with a different take than you, Prof, on both ads.

    Perry seems to me to be saying that openness is the issue. We’re an open society when it comes to gays but not to even such a small matter as saying “Merry Christmas” which isn’t even particularly Christian. Or praying, which also isn’t particularly Christian. The right to be who you are extends to every area of life but religion.

    As for the Romney ad, if it’s a shot at Gingrich, it’s also a shot at Reagan who was divorced and changed political parties. I think it’s an appeal to Romney’s personal steadiness against the charges that he flip flops and follows what is politically convenient.

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