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    Doomsday Poll Results

    Doomsday Poll Results

    The Doomsday Poll results are in.

    Ron Paul met the most opposition, with by far the highest percentage of votes for staying home or voting for Obama in the general election.  Second, with less than half as much opposition, was Mitt Romney.

    There was some funny business as to Rick Santorum.  He had a very low vote count on the Definite/Likely poll, but within a short period there was a flood of votes, and then few after that.  On the “possibly” poll, he received almost no votes.  My guess is that at a certain point in time there was an attempt to deflect negativity onto Santorum away from another candidate.

    So what does this show?  Obviously it’s not scientific and doesn’t guarantee that people actually will stay home or vote Obama.  But there is a very significant risk that if Ron Paul were the nominee, there would be a lot of people who would find that alternative more palatable.


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    ldwaddell | December 14, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    Do these Paulzombies Nexus/Lexus his name and go to web sites that have anything negative to say about their demigod? They are like cult members who defend their leader even when no one cares.

    I vote my principles and don’t care what the little letter after the name is.
    I will not vote for romney and if forced will write someone in.
    and for those that say this ensures an obama win…try blaming the gop for that. if they keep thrusting candidates on us that most won’t vote for, don’t blame the voters.
    I don’t sell my soul for some damn political strategy.

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