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    Does it matter if Herman Cain was completely innocent?

    Does it matter if Herman Cain was completely innocent?

    We’ll never know now, will we?  And it’s ancient history, right?

    We have substituted speculation and conjecture for proof.  Such as, the woman who says she had a 13 year affair with Cain says they went to the Tyson-Holyfield fight together.  Cain denies it.  It’s a provable/disprovable fact, but no one bothered to try.

    And we still don’t even know what he was accused of at the National Restaurant Association.  Get that, we don’t even know the allegations, much less the proof.

    As to Sharon Bialek, it now turns out that she came onto another NRA executive, according to him, and probably had little or no contact with Cain.  But who cares, he was a flawed candidate anyway, right?  So if the media took him out, the other candidates’ supporters get to dance on his political grave.


    (h/t to dmacleo in the Tip Line and others who e-mailed me the video link)


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    Oh please. It is truly offensive to compare these attacks to those on Palin and sweet little Trig.

    You know the names of three accusers, and you know explicit accusations by two of them. You also know that two cases of sexual harassment claims were filed and resolved with money. Yes, I know that these can be frivolous and some companies pay off a lot of claims – but how many times do they pay off multiple claims against one person?

    I understand the appeal of Herman Cain. I don’t understand the strong resistance to accepting the fact that the guy has some issues with women. That is much more logical in explaining the situation than some devious conspiracy by the left.

      dmacleo in reply to NbyNW. | December 10, 2011 at 4:55 pm

      describe these sexual harassment claims. again, be specific. tell us exactly what happened and which accuser it was.
      you can’t because nobody bothered to give a damn and look.
      so now cain and his whole family are tainted as him being a serial harasser and adulterer with no actual investigations.
      and what its done to his family is like the trig thing. he said before his whole family was being harassed.

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