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    Being an unreliable conservative is not an accusation Romney should be making about others.

    Being an unreliable conservative is not an accusation Romney should be making about others.

    Mitt Romney was on Fox News Sunday this morning, and his interview went well overall.

    But Romney is doubling down on his claims that Newt is an unreliable conservative because of Newt’s comments last spring about the Ryan Plan and “right wing social engineering,” and his couch video with Nancy Pelosi.

    As I have pointed out before, Romney did not back Ryan at the time and said he would bring forward his own plan.  It turns out that Newt was right that the Ryan Plan as originally conceived was a plan too far, and even Ryan has walked back from it.

    Romney this morning said that Newt was unreliable because he tried to cut the legs out from under the Ryan Plan at a critical juncture.

    Talk about cutting the legs out from a conservative agenda at a critical time, what Newt did last spring was nothing compared to what Romney did in 1994 when he ran against the Contract with America and ran away from Reagan during his race for Senate.

    It is what euphemistically is called Romney’s 1994 Problem.

    Romney tried to undercut the greatest conservative achievement in a generation for his own political gain.

    Being an unreliable conservative is not an accusation Romney should be making about others.


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    Henry Hawkins | December 18, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    Indeed, most everyone knows Romney is no conservative. The problem is that Romney insists that he is, and that absolutely does hurt him. This is why he cannot break above the 20-25% of the GOP that is moderate no matter how many years he runs and how much money he spends. He’s topped out.

    “Movement conservatives” don’t get the Republican nomination because there aren’t enough of us to elect a President. Besides Reagan, who was accepted by the moderate-conservatives because of his strong support for Ford after losing in 1976, sort of the “next in line” position, who won the nomination as a movement conservative since Goldwater?

    As Nixon observed, “You can’t win the {GOP} nomination without the conservatives, but you can’t win the election with only the conservatives.”

    Fully 20% of the electorate makes up their minds in the last 30 days before an election. These people don’t have strong ideological beliefs, but shy away from anyone they regard as too far one way or another. Obama was sold as a “post-partisan” playa, not the most liberal Senator, or he wouldn’t have won.

    The point is moot, because neither Gingrich nor Romney is a movement conservative. Both have strayed on a number of issues – and we are foolish to worry so much about health care, where there is already a national consensus for repeal, instead of their dalliances with cap and trade and carbon emissions regulations.

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