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    Ann Coulter can’t explain her flip flop on Romney

    Ann Coulter can’t explain her flip flop on Romney

    Ann Coulter was on Hannity last night, and it was embarrassing.  (Video embed at bottom of post)

    Coulter stumbled trying to explain why she declared Romney a sure loser against Obama at CPAC in February of this year. First she said Obamacare changed her mind about Romney, but Obamacare passed in March 2010.  Coulter then mumbled something to do with a bad economy, but the economy was bad in February too.  In other words, she had no explanation.

    Equally absurd was Coulter’s attempt to minimize Newt’s tremendous achievements, which Hannity tried to interject but Coulter scoffed at as if balancing the budget, forcing welfare reform on Clinton, and regaining control of the House for the first time in half a century were meaningless.

    What great policy change did Mitt Romney implement as Governor, Ann?  Oh, that’s right.  Romneycare.

    Coulter also repeated her frequent line that Romney proved how great a politician he was by tricking Massachusetts liberals into electing him.

    Sean, before you allow Coulter to repeat that line, please read my post from Monday morning. Romney didn’t trick anyone, he was the fourth in a line of Republican Governors, and his electoral margin was the weakest.

    Richard Viguerie, who has not yet decided whether to endorse Newt, explains what is behind the Newt pile on:

    In a forty-year career in politics, Gingrich has stepped on a lot of toes and made plenty of enemies who are only too happy to come forward to say that he is temperamentally unfit to be president, would waste money on faddish intellectual exercises, has too much personal baggage, etc….

    But much of what has appeared in the media in the past week or two is nothing more than the personal trashing of Gingrich to mask the real reason the Republican establishment is deathly afraid of a Gingrich presidential candidacy.

    Grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers are flocking to the Gingrich candidacy because outside of Washington, conservatives don’t want another content-free election.  They want a campaign that says, “here’s how the federal debt crisis can be solved and the American economy restored,” and, “here’s how government can be more accountable and efficient.”  That means building public support behind the kind of fundamental change that Gingrich is talking about.

    And the Republican establishment fears more than anything that, just like in 1994, Gingrich actually means it and can pull it off.

    Also check out Mark Levin’s commentary about the Newt pile on.


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    WarEagle82 | December 15, 2011 at 12:55 am

    I am utterly perplexed by Ann’s support of Christie and then Romney. It just seems to out of character for her. She has always struck me as an ueber-conservative. And neither Christie nor Romney are remotely conservative…

    What is she thinking?

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