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    All the king’s horses may not be enough for Romney

    All the king’s horses may not be enough for Romney

    Mitt Romney had a disastrous interview with Bret Baier the other night, compounded by Romney complaining about the interview to Baier (video via Right Scoop h/t HotAir):

    As bad as the original interview was, Romney’s reaction simply confirms the perception that Romney will have trouble in a general election.  If he can’t handle totally legitimate questions from Baier, and his team will not let him appear before the Center Seat panel, then how will he hold up when the media and Team Obama gang up on him?

    Newt Gingrich, by contrast, had a great interview on Hannity last night.  (Newt previously appeared on Center Seat.) It’s well worth watching the whole thing (video at bottom of post).

    There simply is no other candidate running who has the command of the issues, the vision of how to take on Obama, and the ability to communicate a positive message.  On Hannity, Newt gave a commanding performance before an audience of two million people, plus a lot more when the interview is run in pieces on news shows.

    Mitt Romney’s campaign is planning it’s attack on Newt, figuring its bank account and organization will prevail:

    Romney’s strategists are gaming out scenarios. They say they understand the risk that, in a multi-candidate field, any attack they make against Gingrich could boomerang to hurt Romney and help a third candidate.

    Taking on Gingrich is “going to be a process,” one adviser said. “It’s not going to be an overnight kind of a thing, unless he steps in it. But he seems less likely than the others to do that.”

    Across the country, many of Romney’s donors and political supporters said there is no sense of panic over Gingrich. Romney’s network takes comfort in the great financial and organizational advantages that he has amassed to help him survive a potentially grueling nomination fight.

    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men may not be enough for Romney.

    Video of Newt’s interview on Hannity via Right Scoop.

    Update:  Considering Romney’s refusal to appear on Center Seat and moaning about the questions about his record, this headline is particularly ironic – Romney: Obama will ‘cower’ from debating his record


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    barbara | December 1, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    I’ll admit to not knowing a lot about Romney (except the Romneycare debacle), and I don’t give a rat’s ass in hell about his religion, and I haven’t watched the debates.

    What bothers me most about Romney is that the MSM is pushing him to be Bambi’s opponent, which obviously means they know/hope they can demonize him sufficiently (or they’ve got a nasty October surprise waiting) and get Bambi re-elected.

    I don’t trust the MSM as far as I could throw a bull elephant in the rutting season. The best interests of THIS country are not in their shriveled black hearts. >:-(

      Henry Hawkins in reply to barbara. | December 1, 2011 at 7:56 pm

      I strongly resent being informed by self-appointed GOP and media elitists that anyone is the Chosen One and that everyone else is unelectable. This time it’s supposedly Romney’s turn. I’m sorry, but those days are past.

      Mitt Romney is an automaton, an artifice, the Stepford Candidate.

    Oh cripes, it’s pretty clear at this point our chances are Newt and Romney. Romney seems to be playing a lot of politics and avoiding taking hard stances on issues. At least Newt, despite his flubs, takes serious look at solutions. Even if him and Paul Ryan disagree on the specifics of what’s best I think they’d both work together towards solutions that will fix the nation. And together they’d find one. Just because Newt might want to make a few changes to Ryan’s plan doesn’t mean he’s against reform.

    I think Romney will waffle and try to stay popular and avoid making hard choices, as he’s done in the campaign a few times. If there is one guy talking solutions and attacking Obama it’s Newt, and he’ll continue getting my support until I have to choose between two people taking policy seriously.

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