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    What’s fair is fair

    What’s fair is fair

    This interview failure is getting plenty of play, mostly because of the freeze at the start on Libya. I posted the Perry debate brain freeze, so what’s fair is fair:

    We’re heading for the candidate of David Frum, Jennifer Rubin and Politico as nominee unless we unite around the only viable alternative in the race. I know that’s not what some people want to hear, but it’s the emerging reality.


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    BarbaraS | November 15, 2011 at 9:13 am

    I was under the impression that there is a law about stocks and bonds owned by elected public servants. I thought they had to ut their assets into a blind trust so as not to profit from legislature. Like so many of our laws people go around them or interpre them the opposite of what heywere meant to be.

    As for Cain. Has anyone thought he is just another affirmative action guy? He might be very smart in the business world but he lacks knowledge about anything else. He comes across as not only clueless about domestic and foreign policies but has the inability to explain his gaffes in a logical manner. It’s like he has lived in a bubble for all his life and has less knowledge than a high school student about the world around him.

      JayDick in reply to BarbaraS. | November 15, 2011 at 1:22 pm

      Congressman only have to disclose what they own and even then not in great detail. They do have to name the investment. If it’s common stock, they have to name the company.

    I’m hoping the latest foot shooting by Cain will lend credence to the Reconsider Movement for a Palin candidacy. She is the one we’ve been waiting for. Palin 2012!!

    […] Stacy McCain’s not getting that ambassadorship to Vanuatu after all.William Jacobson provides the video, and lots of commentary at Memeorandum.And see Allahpundit, “Brutal: Cain blanks on Libya, […]

    Maybe I’ve listened to too many college student answers to questions, but I think he did a good job on content. He did at least as good a job on answer pauses as President Obama does with a multitude of “uh”s–which serve to buy thinking time. Be interesting to count up the seconds that Cain used versus the “uh” second count for Obama on his presidential campaign answers on, say, Afghanistan.

    Where is this perfection in speaking standard coming from? Not from history if what I recall from watching 50 years of presidential campaigns is right.

    kobayashi | November 15, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    If your candidate gets flameed – sit on it for a couple of days! The print version came out after the video went viral and admitted Cain was correct on his answers – if slow with Fatigue.

    My opinion is he’s being cautious about what he says ‘on the record’

    Speaking of
    “On the Record”………

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