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    “There is no such thing in America as 99 percent!”

    “There is no such thing in America as 99 percent!”

    Newt Gingrich got “mic checked” while giving a speech in Iowa Jacksonville, FL, via Raw Story (h/t @BillHobbs):

    The activists began to chant something about “the 99 percent” before being drowned out by tea party supporters.

    “Hold on,” Gingrich told the crowd. “I want to answer you very directly. There is no such thing in America as 99 percent! We are 100 percent Americans! We are all part of America!”

    Go to 4:00 for the moment:

    Update:  Yowee, Poll: Romney, Gingrich in statistical dead heat in N.H.:

    When asked why people felt Gingrich was moving up in the polls, 44% of respondents cited his depth of knowledge on the issues. Ten percent referred to his strong debate performances while another 6% said they liked that he was challenging the media in those debates. Ten percent referenced his past experience as Speaker of the House.

    A close look at the data shows Gingrich is actually leading Romney among certain important subgroups of the electorate. Among self-identified conservative voters, Gingrich beats Romney 34%-27%. Among self-identified tea party voters, he leads Romney 38%-21%.


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    The NH Journal poll was conducted among likely Republican voters.

    We should be concerned with a candidates prospect among likely independent/swing + center leading disaffected democrat voters.

    It’s typical conservative conceit and folly to think what helps a candidate in a republican primary will translate into success in the general election.

    And I still don’t get this persistent, undue premium placed on a candidate’s singular trait; Newt’s IQ. If we were honest, Palin doesn’t an encyclopedic knowledge of policy and probably couldn’t debate as well as Newt. If she had been one of the frontrunners, would Legal Insurrection still promote Newt over Palin because the former is just so darn smart.

    BarbaraS | November 18, 2011 at 5:41 pm


    You are comparing apples and oranges. No one on the docket has the charisma Palin does. Even her detractors admit this. What’s happening is that not any of the candidates have truly devoted followers in great numbers like Palin does. We are looking for something, anything to cull the herd and give us a candidate we can get behind. That’s why there is a flavor of the month. We are not passionate about any of them. Then again, we are allowing the media to influence our decisions. A ridiculous thing to do when we all know they are trying to influence our pick for the betterment of their candidate, obama..

    Actually, this speech took place in Jacksonville, Florida-not Iowa. I had the opportunity to be there and I actually filmed this exchange, although from a slightly different angle. Newt was great though. The event ran about two hours with a few questions at the end. I still don’t know if I’ll support Newt. I feel hopeless this election season.

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