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    The worst thing anyone could do is falsely accuse someone of … working for Politico

    The worst thing anyone could do is falsely accuse someone of … working for Politico

    So many conservative blogs and Twitterers are joining in the hysteria directed at the Cain campaign because campaign manager Mark Block erroneously stated last night that the son of accuser Sharon Kraushaar works at Politico.  I heard it when he said it on the Hannity show, but it turns out that the person Block was referring to has the same last name but is not her son and does not work at Politico anymore.

    Sloppy move by the Cain campaign, another misstep among many the past 10 days.  Much like the unsupported blame-game (Perry, Rahm, the Democratic Machine) it makes Cain look amateurish.  But did it really warrant the hyper-reaction?

    Robert Stacy McCain is right that joining in the contrived hysteria directed at the Cain campaign is damaging to whomever the nominee ends up being:

    Weakness is not an attractive quality, in politics or anything else, and it is an error in political combat to worry about making the “smart” argument when what is needed is a winning argument, or at least a gesture of solidarity and a show of force that lets our opponents understand that we’re not a bunch of gutless weaklings.

    McCain links to a post by Dr. Helen Smith which I meant to link to but was, er, distracted, Conservatives: Don’t Play into Alinsky’s Hands.  Referring to a post by Andrew Klavan insisting that it is just, right and proper to hold Cain to a higher standard than Democrats hold themselves, Dr. Smith writes:

    Bullshit. What Klavan is advocating is political suicide. He might as well have taken his playbook from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals where Alinsky’s fourth rule is “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this…”

    Yes, we should have standards and those standards should be higher than Democrats set for themselves.  But those standards do not mean we have to join in every petty overwrought hyper-ventilated reaction from the left-blogosphere against one of our candidates.

    And for all the not-liberal bloggers out there who joined in, don’t worry, your candidate will get his in turn.


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    retire05 | November 9, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    “Mark Block erroneously stated”, professor? No, he did much more than that. He claimed the former Politico employee was Woman #2’s son, UNEQUIVOCALLY, and that Team Cain had confirmed it. This was no mere slip of the tongue, as you wordsmith it to be, this was an outright lie. And you and Stacy McCain, who had been in the tank for Herman Cain for months and would find an excuse for Herman Cain if Cain axe murdered his own mother, can downplay this total Cain train wreck of a compaign if you want.

    And katiejane, I suggest what ever it is that you are smoking you stop. “anointing the accusers as pure vessels of truth and light?” Really, where? Certainly not on any conservative blogger I have read. These women have had their financials revealed, their work histories revealed (tell me how that is not a violation of their privacy rights) something that any employer already knows is a big no-no and will land you in court. How does the Cain campaign know that bottom feeder Allred’s client has had 9 jobs in 17 years? Isn’t that private information? Is someone feeding them information fro the Social Security Administration giving the Team Cain private information?

    Don’t believe me? Ask the good law professor if I use you for a reference, and you tell a prospective employer (or in this case, the national media) something about my time in your employ that isn’t just the basic “They started employment here on this date, they left employment here on this date, and yes (or no) I would (or would not) employ them again. If someone ever leaked, for lack of a better word, my employment history, they would find their ass in court so fast their head’s would be swimming. Even if a person steals from a company, if they have not been convicted in a court of law for that theft, the employer is NOT allowed to reveal that information.

    All this should have been over days ago. Now, Cain, who is going down, seems hell bent to take the rest of the GOP with him. Cain may think this is his Valley Forge, but its going to be his Themopylae. The Republican Party be damned.

      Admonkey in reply to retire05. | November 9, 2011 at 9:25 pm

      Excellent post, retire05, all around, and you’re right: there are plenty of people– and plenty here– downplaying Cain’s situation beyond reasonable sense. Let’s put it another way:

      Imagine the uproar if President Obama, in just two weeks’ time, 1) didn’t know China possessed nuclear weapons, 2) faced a raft of sexual harassment charges, 3) couldn’t name the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan and, 4) trotted out a staff member to spin an inside-job conspiracy theory that was pure whole cloth fiction?

      Aneurysms would be rupturing so fast and loud you’d think it was popcorn on the stove.

      So many here seem stuck at stage one of their Kübler-Ross journeys. Sooner or later, though, it will pass and a justification for Gingrich’s peccadilloes will begin being concocted.

      Even those will eventually be abandoned, of course, and afterwards will dawn the realization that, either a certain degree of nose-pinching will have to occur at the ballot box or the ballot box will have to be avoided altogether.

    Kerrvillian | November 9, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    To bother with providing aid and comfort for the enemy is disgraceful.

    They torpedoed the Cain. Why are we bothering to hold a mutiny?

    We’ve had 3 long, difficult years to uncover all the horrid little secrets of Obama’s pre-Presidential years and there are plenty of them. No sex scandals, but also no woman who claims to have gone on a date with the guy before he up and marries Michelle.

    What does that tell you about him?

    Why are we doing in our own politicians when we should be raking Obama over his well deserved coals? His war chest may be all he needs to retain his seat but we should make him radioactive to every Dem candidate who isn’t Nancy Pelosi.

    We aren’t doing our job. Eat THEIR lunch. Whip THEIR dog.

    Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

      retire05 in reply to Kerrvillian. | November 9, 2011 at 9:44 pm

      “They torpedoed Cain.”

      Who are “they?” Or are you now reduced to the vague generalities that you most certainly would accuse the left wing media of? Would “they” be ALL Democrats, or maybe only 100, or 30 or even 5?

      Now, why don’t you deal with reality, not how you would like for things to be? The left wing press will NEVER go after Obama. Never. He is the culimination of their Marxist dreams seeded in journalism school. Obama is their socialist uptopian dream. Complaining about a problem that has existed for decades is not going to change it. It is what it is.

      The time will come for the GOP nominee to take Obama on. Now is the time for us to vet the candidates and pick the one most likely to provide us with the kinds of leadership, and government, that we most desire. And we can only do that by vetting the candidates, looking at their record and how they have previously acted when given a chance to govern or affect government. Sadly, perusing those records leaves Herman Cain off the list, in spite of his women and campaign finance problems.

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