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    The Right Must Not Use The Race Card As Recklessly As The Left

    The Right Must Not Use The Race Card As Recklessly As The Left

    As Professor Jacobson wrote on Saturday,  the Herman Cain SuperPAC is running this race-card-playing ad.

    Other GOP commentators, especially Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, have also been making statements along these lines.  This is wrong, especially coming from solid conservative voices.

    To play the race card in this fashion, with such insufficient evidence (liberals/Politico would have sat on this story if it was about a white Republican frontrunner? Or wouldn’t have bothered to dig it up? Really?), is to create a bipartisan, spectrum-spanning consensus that you can’t criticize a black man without being called a racist.

    And no, extremists like Harry Belafante, Al Sharpton, and Cornell West saying extreme things about race isn’t evidence that Cain’s critics are motivated by racism.  It’s evidence that all is normal with the world. If they stopped saying extreme things about race, that would be news.

    Black people make mistakes like everyone else.  Our current black president makes quite a lot of them, much to our country’s detriment. And while he has so far damaged only his campaign, any fair-minded observer should notice that Cain himself is quite prone to errors. To hold the threat of the race card over everyone who wants to criticize public figures who happen to be black is both unfair and destructive.

    Furthermore, it shifts the frame of the race issue into territory that is bad for conservatives.  As seems to be the case with OWS, our desire to hit the left back in kind is making us lose sight of the need to control the narrative.  In using this tactic, conservatives make the discussion about racism while conceding that there is a lot of it. The question of just how prevalent racism is in America is key to the differences between liberals and conservatives on the matter of race.  By claiming that it is rampant, we concede an important point for the momentary satisfaction of a gotcha soundbite.


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    By the way, the Sarah Palin movie, “The Undefeated” opened in a similar manner to the way this advertisement laid out the case concerning Herman Cain.

    It is never a bad idea to turn the mirror on those who recklessly hurl baseless ad hominems.

    I’m not an Ann Ann Coulter​ enthusiast. Lumping Rush with Ann is really weak.

    David R. Graham | November 7, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    “As seems to be the case with OWS, our desire to hit the left back in kind is making us lose sight of the need to control the narrative.”

    When someone sends a bullet at you, you send back what? Nothing, by choice or because you’re dead? A knife? A speech? A negotiator?

    The point of this post presumes to trump Clarence Thomas’ epic statement of truth at his confirmation hearing.

    There is no narrative other than the truth. If one fear the truth or obfuscates the truth, say, in the name of controlling a narrative (as if one knows the proper narrative and can control it), one is wringing hands with bullets flying at one’s head. Wussy.

    How is one going to respond? What is one prepared to do? If it isn’t send back better bullets with finer aim and more of them to actually stop bullets flying at one, one is wasting food and taking up space. There is no “better way,” a “higher calling,” than fighting a war through to victory in terms the enemy understands. Once he starts shooting – and you better hope he’s not a steady hand – you put bullets in him before he puts one in you. That’s the truth so that’s the narrative and the only way you can control it is to do it.

    The Democrat Party is anti-black. In their liberal eyes the only “self-redeeming” black is one who is obedient to their Democrat Party Masters and votes as ordered.

    Would Democrats stoop to manufacturing sexual-abuse slander against a conservative black they view as a threat to the collective thinking of blacks they hold on the Democrat Plantation? Yes, without a doubt.

    Cain is perceived as a very serious racial threat to their political hold on the black community majority.

    It is not an issue to Democrats whether these allegations are false or true or half-truths. To Democrats this is a public whipping of an uppity non-liberal black man.

    If the Democrat Party were to lose the majority of the black community they would be destroyed as a political party.

    So yes, *Race Is An Issue* where any black politician is involved, be they conservative or liberal.

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