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    Super Committee Roundup

    Super Committee Roundup

    From the AP: 

    With the collapse of the deficit-cutting supercommittee, Congress’ emergency backup budget-cutting plan now is supposed to take over — automatic, across-the-board spending reductions of roughly $1 trillion from military and well as domestic government programs.

    But the big federal deficit reductions that are to be triggered by Monday’s supercommittee collapse wouldn’t kick in until January 2013. And that allows plenty of time for lawmakers to try to rework the cuts or hope that a new post-election cast of characters — possibly a different president — will reverse them.

    Congress’ defense hawks will be leading the charge, arguing that the debt accord reached by President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans last summer already inflicted enough damage on the military budget. That agreement set in motion some $450 billion in cuts to future Pentagon accounts over the next decade.

    The supercommittee’s failure to produce a deficit-cutting plan of at least $1.2 trillion after two months of work is supposed to activate the further, automatic cuts, half from domestic programs, half from defense. Combined with the current reductions, the Pentagon would be looking at nearly $1 trillion in cuts to projected spending over 10 years.

    Reactions from GOP hopefuls: 

    Romney: “He’s done nothing. It is another example of failed leadership. He has not taken personal responsibility to get the super committee to find ways to balance the budget and cut spending.”

    Gingrich: “Collapse of the Super Committee…[is] good for America.

    Perry: “The whole reason a super committee was created was because the President wasn’t willing to lead, wasn’t willing to even put on paper his plans for cutting spending.”

    The WSJ has good Washington Wire coverage with implications here. 

    Previous LI coverage of the Super Committee here.


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    el polacko | November 22, 2011 at 12:48 am

    of course, the msm (or whatever you want to call it) is totally relying on the statements from obama, pelosi, and reid that the failure of the committee is all the fault of intransigent republicans. not a peep about the president’s lack of involvement or leadership.

    el polacko | November 22, 2011 at 12:51 am

    …nor, perhaps even more importantly, the democrats insistence on huge tax increases…folks might not be too happy to hear about that, would they ?

    CaliforniaJimbo | November 22, 2011 at 1:34 am

    So the failure of the Supercommittee will not cut anything until 2013. There has not been a budget for 2 years. Legislation cannot bind another congress (You cannot write a 2012 budget that keeps the 2013 congress from doing whatever they vote for). Am I the only one who sees this “supercommittee” as empty as 10 year “budget” projections?
    Nothing stops a President Romney, Cain, Gingrich, (etc) from signing their own 2013 budget and setting whatever funding levels they ask congress to pass. All this is meant to do is to provide political ads that say GOP cut medicare and defense.
    If you want to raise revenue, tax all politicians on their campaign warchests. Heck, only tax them the 15% cap gains tax. Let the 1 billion dollars that the President wants to raise for the campaign actually do some good. One could buy a lot good with 150 million dollars… Just saying!

    I am disgusted with the failure of the super committee. But my animus for the committee’s failure is over-shadowed by my disappointment in Obama who immediately turned it into an opportunity to blame republicans.

    In the absence of his own plan to right the ship, he defers to a bunch of people who belong to an organization with a 13% approval rating?!?! I thought he was supposed to be the smartest man in the room. It’s obvious he did not want to be blamed for the inevitable failure from the word go and was going to use this as topic for his continual campaign. Why didn’t he use some of his intelligence, charisma, and political capital (whatever’s left) to put a plan in place and sell it to the American people?

    A leader takes charge and tells the country what we are going to do. Instead, he goes around the world telling people how soft and lazy Americans have become. He laments the fact that we have no Sputnik moment to set a goal and unite the country. THIS IS YOUR SPUTNIK MOMENT?!?!

    Now, as he blames the GOP and sets himself up as the “reasonable man”, he’s going to use defense spending as leverage. He’s playing political games with our national security! Incidentally, providing for the common defense is explicitly enumerated in the constitution; it can be done only by the federal government. Why can’t he threaten to shut down the EPA, NEA, or any myriad useless/divisive federal organization? Nope, the wise political move is to use the bully pulpit, blame your opponents for inaction, and mislead the country into thinking that the only thing that can be done now is cut our defense. That cutting defense spending happens to be a goal since he was young is a bonus.

    I am equally upset with the GOP candidates. Why aren’t they attacking the president on this?!?! Why isn’t someone, anyone, standing up and pointing out the obvious. That Obama is playing politics at a time when we need a leader. That he’s not a leader. He’s a small man with even smaller ideas.

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