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    So do I

    So do I

    and I’m not even Christian.  In fact, it annoys me when people refuse to say it.  And please say Happy Hanukkah to me, not Happy Time When You Light All Those Candles For Some Reason.

    Another one from Linda in Tennessee, found in her favorite bumper sticker hunting ground, the Costco parking lot in Nasheville:


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    While the pro-slavery and pro-choice people to denigrate or tolerate denigration of individual dignity and normalize progressive involuntary exploitation and selective liberty were a black mark on America, the Christians have demonstrated a far better record of respecting others than their nearest competitors: atheists, Muslims, and others who realize their faith through a left-wing ideology (i.e. authoritarian).

    When in America, do as the Americans do. Merry Christmas!

    BarbaraS | November 27, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Retail stores are so worried about offending some non Christian buyers that they don’t realize that Christians are the majority shoppers this season and they are really offending them. And every season for that matter. The name of the game is Christmas presents. Of all kinds. These stores will lose customers and for what? It’s kind of crazy in this down climate where no one has much money but people are willing to buy toys and presents. You have to wonder about their mentality.

    I have been in stores and been wished happy holidays even in the deep south. I always respond with Merry Christmas. There were a few times when it bothered me so much that I told them “no, not happy holidays, its’s Merry Christmas.” The employees of these stores have no choice though. This is the store policy so there’s no use in getting mad at the hapless employees. I did it hoping the employee would report it and maybe change the store policy.

    beloved2 | November 27, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    The white fleurdelise on azure is the flag of Quebec. The license plate was not shown. How encouraging to see a Quebecoise with the chutzpah to publicly make that statement.
    Canada´s prime minister is also a brave man to defend Israel no matter the cost.

    I generally agree with this statement, however, although we have a Jewish home and celebrate Hanukkah, my in-laws are Catholic. Most of my Russian Jewish relatives celebrate New Year with a New Year tree. So I order “Happy holidays” cards from Shatterfly.

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