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    Reconsider Bachmann? No.

    Reconsider Bachmann? No.

    Taking another look at Michele Bachmann is one of the memes being pushed by people unhappy with the Newt/Romney choice in the wake of the likely departure from the race of Herman Cain.

    Why does Cain dropping out make Bachmann any better than she was?

    She’s still the person who built her campaign in the early summer around trashing Sarah Palin via Ed Rollins and was happy to ride that wave while it lasted.

    She has not been “accurate” in her portrayal of her own immigration statements earlier in the debates, and she is running around repeating endlessly something that is patently false, that Newt Gingrich wants amnesty for 11 million people, and she has falsely termed a letter Gingrich (along with Grover Norquist, Jack Kemp and others) signed in 2004 in support of a guest worker program an “amnesty” plan.  Repeating things endlessly does not make them true, and we can do better than that.

    Her performance in going after Rick Perry caused Steve Hayward of Power Line Blog to give up on her.

    She has been the only candidate explicitly to try to take advantage of Herman Cain’s latest problems by saying it shows that she is the only consistent candidate.  I think this tweet is accurate:


    Reconsider Perry, or consider Rick Santorum for the first time — that I understand although I don’t agree for reasons I previously stated.

    But reconsider Bachmann?  I hope you will just say no.


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    I can’t say I was ever a big fan of her. I just didn’t think she was quite ready.

    Original verdict upheld. Appeal denied.

    There is a glaring distance between Bachmann’s campaign oratory and her actual conduct as a lawmaker.

    Bachmann privately lobbied for stimulus funds for Minnesota and pork producers, sought spending earmarks that she now opposes and benefited personally from tens of thousands of dollars in federal funds for a family farm and counseling clinic owned by her husband.

    Bachmann has never held an executive office ,has no leadership experience; she has a very thin political resume.

    CenterRightMargin | November 30, 2011 at 10:34 am

    Perry will be back. Bachmann, IMO, is tempermentally unfit for a campaign, and for the Presidency. Actually, in this way, she is similar to Santorum. But Santorum is just whiny, while there’s something more off-putting about the Congresswoman’s icey anger and self-righteousness.

    Perry has an optimistic, friendly demeanor. It’s one of his core strengths. And he has enough depth that, if he can work slowly and build his knowledge base to the national-issues level, he could easily climb back into the race later on (especially with a Newt stumble, which given his lack of discipline, is likely).

    I have never been impressed with Bachmann, she was elected by the residents of Minnesota. Let’s face it being elected in MN is not saying much, sorry to my birth state but they have elected such winners as pothead Jesse Ventura, Amy Klobuchar(elected by name recognition due to her father’s sports column), Mark Dayton(again to me name recognition came into play because his family owned Dayton’s), Al Franken, and the worst of all the only state to go fully for Walter Mondale(I have a theory that they were all still hung over from the Vikings win and did not realize who they were votiing for or failed to vote).

    The more I learn about Bachmann the more I see just another strange one elected by Minnesotians. By the way that is my birth state and I love “God’s Country” but when they vote people they are just silly.

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