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    No Republican candidate should do this ever again

    No Republican candidate should do this ever again

    Rick Perry has been right to do the talk show circuit in the wake of Wednesday’s brain freeze, and he has been more impressive in the interviews I have seen in the last 24 hours than in any appearance since he announced in August.  Perhaps if Perry did the circuit two months ago his debates would have gone better.

    I blame Perry’s campaign team as much as Perry.  They have done to him what the McCain team did to Sarah Palin, cloister him so tightly that any slip up in a public appearance gets magnified.

    A lot of politicians go on Letterman.  But Letterman never does anything that makes a Republican look good.  He hates Republicans, and loathes conservatives.  He was one of the highest-profile Palin bashers who chose to single out her daughters.

    I’m sure Letterman was giddy to see Perry make himself look weak on Letterman’s own show.  I agree with commenter J.E. Burke, this was humiliating for Perry.

    Allowing yourself to be used as a prop by David Letterman never is the way to go.


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    beloved2 | November 11, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    The lamestream media is controlled by Soros and his evil cohorts who plan another 4 years of the Mulatto in mom jeans to finish off this democracy and they will stoop at nothing to fulfill their evil goal. Why is the 4th candidate in the polls on their hit list? Because he has a stellar record of job creation, wise economic management, and limited government philosophy and would make an exceptional restoration of the America the founding father envisioned.

    I enjoyed Perry’s “Top 10” moment, and laughed. Didn’t pay much attention to Letterman’s body language or other such trivia, since he’s irrelevant. Feel free to obsess over has-been talk show hosts, if that makes some of y’all feel better.

    Honestly I also laugh at people who claim that X or Y has the nomination sewed up, or that Z is history.

    Doesn’t anyone else remember the 2008 rollercoaster before the GOP convention? Up & down, in & out: Giuliani; no, it’s Thompson; no, it’s Huckabee. And McCain was TOAST. He’d never get the nomination.

    It’s still a couple months before 2012, three months before the primaries start, about 8 months before the convention, and so many people are so sure who is going to win – and who is going to lose.

    P.S. beloved2? You might want to try decaf. Or something. Soros is no more controlling the progressive media than the Koch brothers are controlling their favorite voices.

    TeaPartyPatriot4ever | November 12, 2011 at 3:43 am

    Well, unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time it happened to a politician, and it won’t be the last.. Remember Az. Gov. Jan Brewer’s freeze moment..

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