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    No cause for champagne at Politico

    No cause for champagne at Politico

    The champagne corks must have been popping at Politico sometime just after 2 p.m. today, as Sharon Bialek presented her charges against Herman Cain.

    After a week of obsessive reporting (at least 91 stories about Cain’s alleged sexual harassment of employees at the National Restaurant Association), Politico had published not a single fact that showed either what Herman Cain was accused of or what he actually did.

    But that wasn’t the point of the obsessive reporting, which essentially took over Politico’s home page for a week.  Rather, as I wrote three days into the project, Politico was seeking to smoke out people who were not yet identified who would complain about Cain:

    The original thinly attributed and fairly vague article was an attempt to smoke out people who had a gripe about Cain, to create complaints from people who never before complained.

    We’re seeing that now as various people are coming forward saying they heard Cain say “inappropriate” things, or do “inappropriate” things, but they never complained before.

    It’s the sort of tactic we expect of a campaign, where anything goes.

    Yet after a week, Politico still had nothing, and it still doesn’t.  Bialek isn’t someone previously known to Politico, and her accusations never were reported by Politico.

    The Bialek accusations, assuming they are true, in no way vindicate Politico, any more than being right twice a day vindicates either the broken clock or the person who broke it.

    Update:  Thanks to Mark Finkelstein for the audio link:


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    Ok, so Politico published an article saying that the NRA settled two sexual harassment claims involving Cain. Cain denies it, but then it later comes out that the NRA settled two Sri dual harassment claims involving Cain. So, if we are using the standard of the original story, what more vindication does Politico need?

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    Just two words are proof that the story is false: Gloria Allred.

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    BarbaraS | November 8, 2011 at 9:57 am

    SHE asked him out for coffee? I have been asked out for coffee numerous times during my lifetime and I knew exactly what the asker wanted. Did she want the same thing? Did she think Cain would do her favors just because? This woman has to be an exhibitionist to even go public with this junk. He “groped her?” I never dated a guy who didn’t try and she gave him every impression that she was for sale. I don’t believe any of this ever happened.

    She never says why she was laid off. I wonder why? People in Chicago say she has a reputation for this sort of stuff. I wonder how much the dims area paying her for this farce. Dims put this stuff out not because they think it is news or are offended by any of it. They put it out because they know we are offended by it and will believe the worse. This is how they work us and we need to stop rising to the fly.

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