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    More tick tock in Syria

    More tick tock in Syria

    Like I said Friday, the fuse has been lit.  I think it’s too late for Assad to put it out without a major blow up.

    Now the Arab League, in an unprecedented move, has imposed economic sanctions on Syria, including travel bans on senior officials and other measures which will make it difficult for Syrian countries to trade.  The sanctions though, probably will be ignored by Lebanon and Iraq, but nonetheless are an important symbolic slap at the Assad regime.

    Libya reportedly has offered weapons and troops to aid Syria’s insurgent army currently drawn from army defectors.  Syria’s neighbors, including Israel and Turkey, as well as Hezbollah, reportedly are on heightened military alert.

    Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in Lebanon which will split along sectarian lines as the Syria crisis grows deeper:

    Tens of thousands of supporters of Lebanon’s anti-Syrian opposition gathered in
    the Sunni stronghold of Tripoli on Sunday to denounce the regime in Damascus and
    its Shiite ally Hezbollah.

    The rally in the northern port city was organised by the Future Movement, the main opposition party headed by ex-premier Saad Hariri, to mark the 68th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence.

    Just waiting for the boom.


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    The Sunni who dominate the Arab League have no use for the Alawis who rule over the Sunni Syrians. This is even more the case as the Alawi were only recognized by the Iranian Shia as Shia Muslims for the first time in the 1970s.

    The Sunni have always seen this as an attempt by the Iranians to expand their influence within Islam and few Sunni recognize the Alawi as Muslim at all. In many ways, the Middle Eastern conflict is driven first by this Sunni/Shia divide.

    dmandman | November 27, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    One other unexpected event which would set the whole area aflame would for the Saudi’s to shut off the Haaj to all but Sunni Muslim. This would assume a coup by the Mutaween (done by holding the military’s families hostage).

    The Arab Winter has begun with a vengeance. The fuse has been lit for the entire region and I find no comfort in “important symbolic sanctions.”

    I too am just waiting for the boom.

    mitchflorida | November 28, 2011 at 7:52 am

    Why didn’t you mention that Iraq didn’t support the sanctions against Syria? They just abstained.

    Legal Insurrection was a supporter of Bush’s War in Iraq.

    What a gift to the Iranians Bush and the neo-cons were.

      William A. Jacobson in reply to mitchflorida. | November 28, 2011 at 9:24 am

      Why don’t you read the post. I said Iraq and Lebanon would likely ignore the sanctions. And as to “Legal Insurrection was a supporter of Bush’s War in Iraq” that’s an interesting assertion since LI didn’t even exist until October 2008.

    I R A Darth Aggie | November 28, 2011 at 10:02 am

    Where’s the Ka-Boom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering Ka-Boom!

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