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    Jump, David, Jump

    Jump, David, Jump

    The only reason, the only reason, the only reason anyone pays any attention to David Frum is that he is the mainstream media’s “useful conservative,” someone who screams about the crazy Republican Party and Tea Party movement.

    He is worse than a carnival barker, because a carnival barker does not gain attention by badmouthing others at the carnival.  There is nothing, nothing, nothing David Frum says of a positive nature which gets him any attention.

    Now Frum has announced that unless Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman is the nominee, he may leave the Republican Party:

    Any other nominee would gravely test my commitment to the political party I’ve supported since I entered the United States as a college student in the fall of 1978.

    Jump, David, Jump.

    And don’t let the border hit you on the way out:

    Added:  Frum’s just setting himself up for Part 2 of his gig if Romney is not the nominee (Huntsman is irrelevant). He’ll pen aother lengthy piece for New York Magazine about how he didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left him.  He’ll work hard on CNN to tear down the Republican nominee and get Barack Obama elected, to prove how principled he is.


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    David Frum and David Brooks are the “Axis of Eh.” (It’s a Canadian thing.)

    . . .

    What has been clear from the beginning of Frum’s career is his desire to be admired that trumps any passion or commitment to Liberty. Being lauded by Bill Buckley and launched at NR was a start in media, but that is not identical with Conservatism.

    [A certain young man] had snarked, many years ago, that he had refused to consider studies at the University of Toronto because he “eschewed mediocrity” – words to that effect. I recall thinking “Danger Will Robinson!” Being rudely opposed to “mediocrity” at the expense of others is not the same mind-set as the pursuit of excellence; I recall thinking that this snark may one day jump-up and bite the lad on the derriere.

    David’s latest “threat” to quit the GOP is yet another in a string of professional hissy fits – such as the day he stomped out of the National Post offices when the company had been sold to the Aspers. One could rack-up a list of unhappy divorces. A career can afford, at best, one such storm if it wisely considered. Making a habit of it?

    More than three decades in, David hasn’t changed much. (Except for the nasty wounds on his backside.)

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    L.N. Smithee | November 30, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    I propose that all Twitter activity regarding the subject of David Frum be hashtagged #FeFiGoFrum.

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