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    Dan Rather has documents

    Dan Rather has documents

    which prove that George W. Bush lied about his military service.

    History No. 1:  Dan cannot let you see the documents which he obtained from an anonymous source he cannot reveal.  But the documents, in Dan’s estimation, reflect “inappropriate” conduct the exact nature of which cannot be disclosed.  You can trust Dan. George W. Bush must drop out of the presidential race.

    History No. 2:  Dan lets you see the documents and identifies the source.  The documents and the accuser are subjected to vigorous scrutiny by guys in pajamas sitting in their parents’ basements.  George W. Bush is elected President.


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    “Although, these accusers will be treated better by the media,” not because of the treatment of the Clinton accusers. Because Cain is a Conservative.

    LukeHandCool | November 3, 2011 at 10:52 am

    Don’t forget that before he was forced to reveal the absolute kook who was his source, Rather constantly referred to him as an “unimpeachable” source.

    When Kerry finally conceded to Bush in 2004 my first question was, “Okay … but will Dan Rather concede?”

    Good one, legal insurection. Good one.

    retire05 | November 3, 2011 at 11:27 am

    How many actually remember the Rather connection in the “fake but accurate” story? How many even know that Rather’s daughter, Robin, was a good friend, and strong supporter of Ronnie Earle, Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Austin, who was going after Tom DeLay and any other Republican from Texas, trying to check them off his list, one by one?

    Or that the magic documents were passed to someone at the Houston Live Stock and Rodeo who gave them to Rather? Shades of “secret agent man” stuff there. Just happened to be walking through the cattle pens and a guy in a trench coat hands me an unmarked manilla envelope with campaign killing documents in it. Yeah, that works for me.

    The problem that Herman Cain has is lack of control over the story from the git-go. Instead of getting out in front of it, his campaign allowed it to grow legs and it started running, not walking, across every publication in the U.S.

    Then we have the head of Cain’s campaign on the Bret Baier show last night where he was actually reading prepared text to Baier’s questions. Instead of answering questions as they were posed to him, he read from a statement laying on the desk. How inept is that? The Cain campaign is now trying to connect the dots on a page where there are only x’s. First it was Rick Perry’s campaign that leaked the story, now it’s Rick Perry and Rahm Emanuel. If you want to see what a full blown campaign melt down is, look no farther than Team Cain.

    Cain could have survived this. Pretty much with ease. But he make some major mistakes, claiming first the story was bogus, then going on Greta and giving detailed facts about a “bogus” story, then losing his temper with reporters only to have his campaign manager start accusing anyone who is even remotely involved in the 2012 elections. And Mark, the Campaign manager, did not help Cain when he said that Cain had no intention of requesting the NRA release the documents that could clear Cain and substantiate his claims of the accusations being “baseless.”

    Blaming the one woman and saying she was a bad employee was not the route to go for Mr. Cain. He should have made a simple statement that “yes, there were accusations. They were found due to an internal investigation, to be baseless. The women in question were given a severence pay and they left the organization. I wish them well and hold no anomosity toward them. Unfortunately, in the world of business where women have reached some level of success, misunderstandings happen.” But Team Cain did not do that, and in fact, poured gas on a smoldering fire that could have just as easily gone out.

    But this attempt to divert the direction by blaming other campaigns, or former Obama people, is just that; a diversion from a story that is now not going away in the typical 24-48 hour news cycle. It is Cain, and no one else, that is keeping the monster alive.

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