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    What is right about this Occupy Ithaca picture?

    What is right about this Occupy Ithaca picture?

    I attended the Occupy Ithaca rally today, which was scheduled as a mass peaceful demonstration starting at noon outside a Bank of America branch in downtown Ithaca

    As of 12:30 p.m., when I dropped by, there were about a dozen people holding signs.  I kind of felt sorry for them.

    None of the usual hardcore Ithaca suspects were present, unlike an earlier Occupy Ithaca rally.  Maybe they would show up later.

    There was none of the crazy talk, masks, or other anarchist/socialist rhetoric which permeates the gatherings in bigger cities.  What I found were signs which could have appeared at a Tea Party Rally:

    The difference, I suppose, is that Tea Partiers want to lower taxes, while these folks seem to want more for their taxes.

    While the international organizers and some of the others behind the movement have bad intentions, we should keep in mind that there is common ground with some of the people innocently attending some of these events.


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    They are right that local taxes are the greatest burden to families and our economy. What they may not understand is that it is due to unsustainable public employee pensions and inflexible unions with too much power and no limit on how much they can take from the taxpayers. It will only get worse unless everything is on the table for reasonable adjustments, including current retirees. Until that happens, the choice is either cut programs, cut pay for current public employees, or raise taxes. It really should not too much to ask public employees for a reasonable negotiation for the common good of the community and economy as a whole. It is only an illusion that this problem can be solved by taxing a few rich people. In states like NY it is kind of like a positive feedback loop. The higher taxes get, the more private sector jobs are killed so those people move away, then there are more public employee voters who favor high taxes, leading to more private sector demise… I think NYS is in the end phase of this and ultimately will lead to financial collapse of the state. That is why they are now turning to “wallstreet” to save us because the local municipalities are already screwed and the local taxpayers are tapped out and just trying to take care of their own. Maybe the only hope for NYS is that we are so screwed we might hit rock bottom sooner than later and then we can get back to making sensible decisions instead of blaming our problems on fantasy demons.

    “while these folks seem to want more for their taxes”

    More likely they want more from someone else’s taxes.

    Barbara beat me to it, fify

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