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    Wake Up Tweet of the Day

    Wake Up Tweet of the Day

    #OccupyWallStreet is organized agitprop designed to deflect attention from the Obama administration’s failings onto “Wall Street,”  although many of the participants don’t understand how they are being used.  The Washington Post now is fully aboard Team Obama, doing its best to take down Rick Perry this week, next week someone else.  AxelPlouffe messaging is all class warfare all the time, and will be for the next 13 months.

    And what are we doing?  Silly antics like day-long sniping at others who are on our side.

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    […] to mow him down. Some politicians become road kill, some don’t. But successful ones tend to stay on offense and not take their eye off the ball, or waste their time doing next to nothing at […]

    Joan Of Argghh | October 4, 2011 at 8:23 am

    You know why Sarah Palin is the smartest of the lot of potential candidates? Because she has cut off the fuel supply to the source of corrupted media power. The woman understands power, where it comes from and how to source it and how to deny it the precious fuel it craves.

    Almost every.single.candidate so far has kowtowed to the Premise put forth by a pernicious Media. I can’t watch the effin’ debates for screaming at each and every one of them as they accept the premise of a stupid format, stupid question, a straw man, or a setup. They are too stupid to live, much less survive in the barren waste of the Media Hive. Only Newt has challenged the Premise, but he’s too late to the Conservative party altar for anyone to believe he’s about anyone but himself.

    Dear Candidate: if you don’t have the stones of Maggie Thatcher, who never had a problem telling the Media when they were being idiots, then you may not have my vote. Deal with it. Them or us. You court the Media favor, you lose my vote. (And no, Ron Paul. Just. . . no.)

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