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    Should anti-Semitic Occupy LA woman have been fired? (Reader poll)

    Should anti-Semitic Occupy LA woman have been fired? (Reader poll)

    An employee of the L.A. School District and active Occupy Los Angleles supporter was fired for her anti-Semitic comments which have garnered a lot of attention.

    Here’s the video of her reaction to the firing, where she doubles down (h/t IsraellyCool):

    The easy answer would be sure, fire her, she’s a despicable person.

    But, her comments were not made at school.  And while there’s no doubt that she is an anti-Semite, we’ve also seen hundreds of times here how the race card falsely is played against conservatives.

    We’ve seen examples where the most innocuous use of words which sound like other words can lead to charges of racism, and of course, how criticism of Obama’s policies is deemed racist.  Indeed, the entire Tea Party movement falsely has been condemned as racist.

    If being racist (or anti-Semitic) completely outside one’s job is a ground for being fired, then how do we distinguish between charges of racism and false charges of racism.  Who decides?

    Donald Douglas, who has been the subject of attempts to get him fired from his job, writes:

    The district’s decision reaches into the realm of personal space. And it should not. This is tyranny.

    Admittedly this is a tough one, but I agree.  So long as it’s completely outside the workplace and does not impact one’s ability to perform the job, what stays outside of work should stay outside of work.

    What do you think? (Poll closes at 9 a.m. Eastern on Friday, October 21)

    [Note: a lot of the commenters are arguing over whether she “could” be fired. The question is whether she “should” be fired, not whether the District had the legal right to do so.]


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    Would we be having this conversation if she was white and saying that blacks should be returned to Africa? A big fat no. Anti-semitism is the socially acceptable bigotry perhaps because the liberals who are perpetrating the bigotry and the liberal press looks the other way.

    How far does the “I’m talking outside of work” excuse go. Many conservative Christians are being fired for not towing the gay is OK line.

    BarbaraS | October 21, 2011 at 4:48 pm


    Do you seriously think if this went to court that she wouldn’t win? Her lawyer would judge shop until he found a ultra liberal judge. And she probably will go to court defended by the ACLU and paid for by your cheerful tax payers. In other words, you.

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