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    Saturday Night Card Game (Herman Cain isn’t their type of black)(Readers’ Choice Award)

    Saturday Night Card Game (Herman Cain isn’t their type of black)(Readers’ Choice Award)

    Herman Cain is bringing out the worst venom from the liberal media and entertainment complex, and the left-wing blogosphere.

    Just as we saw liberal feminists fall all over themselves to bash Sarah Palin as an insult to women, so too we see liberals who claim to be enlightened on matters of race fall all over themselves to bash Cain as an insult to blacks.

    There are so many examples just this past week so I’ll let you choose:

    1. Touré on The Dylan Ratigan Show, who called Cain a media whore and compared Cain to Flavor Flav:

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    2.  Bill Maher, who referred to Cain as a “token black“:

    BILL MAHER: Big news, of course, in the Republican ranks. There is a new – I say  this every week – but there is a new frontrunner:  Herman Cain, Herman  Cain. The Republican establishment is freaking out because their token black guy  is in the league now.

    3.  Pam Spaulding at Firedoglake who accuses Cain of shameless tap dancing for conservative white voters:

    But back to race. I’ll never understand Herman Cain and his relationship to the GOP establishment; like former puppet Michael Steele, they don’t see (or don’t care) how rancid race-based politics in the Republican party has become… [T]he Republican leadership has made its bed with the fundamentalists and nativist know-nothings, making Cain and other black Republicans curious cases that border on self-loathing.

    4.  Cartoonist Telnaes at The Washington Post who portrays Cain as Bull Connor holding an attack dog on a leash (h/t Dana Loesch):

    5. Ulli K. Ryder, a “visiting scholar” at Brown University in Providence, quoted in The New York Times calling Cain “minstrelsy” (h/t John Nolte):

    “It makes the hair on my neck stand up,” said Ulli K. Ryder, a visiting scholar at the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America at Brown University. “The larger issue that a lot of people have, and I certainly have, is that he uses a certain kind of minstrelsy to play to white audiences. Referencing negative stereotypes in order to get heard to a white audience in the 21st century is really a problem.”

    It’s a tough choice.  (Poll open until 5 p.m. on Sunday, October 23)


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    Well, true, but absolutely no surprise, yes?
    What does surprise – and disappoint – me, is all the thinly veiled contempt from ‘conservative’ media-bloggers. They are playing ‘rhetorical gotcha’ to an extreme I’ve never quite seen before…no question, they are out to eliminate Cain as ‘too stupid for us’…nothing he says is beyond their twisting into some metaphysical problem. The real problem is Cain speaks like a normal, intelligent voter – not a career pol/pundit who’s been vetting his own brain for years and years. The ‘institutional conservatives’ still haven’t gotten over the tea party making fools of them in 2010, and they’re out to destroy cain in comeuppance.

    Herman Cain is under Alinskyite attack right now because he has become a threat to powerful people. The same kinds of lies were used to defeat Robert Bork, almost destroy Clarence Thomas, defame Ronald Reagan, nullify Sarah Palin, and crush a large number of people in our society who become a danger to business as usual or any pet project of the left. The reason “global warming” gained ascendency was because scientists who dared question this pseudo-scientific construct were mercilessly attacked Alinsky style. They use it because it works.

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