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    Saturday Night Card Game (Dominant progressive white males in the #OccupyWallStreet mist)

    Saturday Night Card Game (Dominant progressive white males in the #OccupyWallStreet mist)

    This is the latest in a serieson the use of the race card for political gain:

    #OccupyWallStreet has been the subject of numerous posts here, including the NY Times’ poster child who wasn’t, the influence of big labor, and the now-obligatory video of the anti-Jew guy.

    But this story (h/t Publius) caught me by surprise, although in hindsight, it’s no surprise.

    In the mist of Zuccotti Park, progressive white males are dominant (hence, the mocking of the protesters as “overwhelmingly white“).

    That has not sat well with a number of activists, as noted by  OWS reporter Allison Burtch who complained that even the Occupied Wall Street Journal was composed of white males:

    (For you LI trivia buffs, yes Burtch is tweeting to that Allison Kilkenny, of Nork card fame.)

    Since having white males dominate was unacceptable, the participants came up with a solution, a race and sex-based pecking order, with white males speaking only after others have spoken:

    Here’s how Burtch explained it at Feministing Blog:

    Occupy Wall Street’s General Assembly operates under a revolutionary “progressive stack.”  A normal “stack” means those who wish to speak get in line.  A progressive stack encourages women and traditionally marginalized groups speak before men, especially white men.  This is something that has been in place since the beginning, it is necessary, and it is important.

    “Step up, step back” was a common phrase of the first week, encouraging white men to acknowledge the privilege they have lived in their entire lives and to step back from continually speaking. This progressive stack has been inspiring and mind-boggling in its effectiveness.

    The most interesting thing about the progressive stack is not that it is racist or sexist, or that it is a caricature of racial and feminist critical thinking.

    What is most interesting is that the progressive stack is an acknowledgement that women and “people of color” at the protests are not able to stand up on their own to the dominant progressive white males in their midst.  Only through the distinctly non-anarchist structure of a progressive stack are the dominant progressive white males held in check.

    It also is a charade.  The movement still is run by the dominant progressive white males, the progressive stack just makes it seem otherwise.

    Final note:  Mama Grizzlies don’t need a progressive stack to make their voices heard.


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    Murgatroyd | October 8, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    “Stack”? Stack?! How dare Allison Burtch and the gender traitors at F’isting use such sexist language about our Vagino-American superiors? And what kind of “feminist” can someone named “Allison” be, anyway?

    The OWS protesters do have a point, though. All those Grievance Studies majors are really pissed off that they can’t find jobs in their chosen fields.

    I have a legal question. I’m pasting this from an earlier in the day:
    I used the WH clip of Obama from this December 2010 appearance in my recent video. This is the third time I’ve used it and listening to the audio something dawned on me. Move over Fast and Furious, I found the newest cover-up from this WH.

    A little factoid about when Obama said scoop the poop to second graders…*eye roll*. The White House lowered the audio on the word “poop”. This is interesting because what they did is illegal. The word poop is in the White House transcript. Here’s the video with the audio lowered @20:40 to barely audible.

    They were actually embarassed for Obama. We pay for the transcripts and videos. They are in the public domain. They aren’t allowed to edit them to make him look better. This isn’t the former Soviet Union….well

    They didn’t have to worry because I was probably the only one who noticed and used the clip in videos.

    Reynolds88 | October 8, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    This seems more scary than Alinsky methods. More like Khmer Rouge. Take off your spectacles, teachers go first. Listen to the words Rosanne Barr is saying. (Ha Ha ha) Kill the rich. Obama winks.

    Reynolds88 | October 8, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    (I see now, that Viator and Anchovy had this idea also. From Robespierre to Pol Pot. Scary)

    A.) This reminds me of Obama’s speechwriter groping the Hillary cutout, Favreau, was it?

    And, B.) I just watched The Undefeated, and am even more furious at how we have been robbed. How a person with such spirit and promise can be debased by the filth that is behind #OccupyWallStreet.

    Please tell me lies will not stand.

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