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    Sarah Palin not running

    Sarah Palin not running

    Just breaking on the Mark Levin Show.  Link to audio is here.  Written statement is here Not considering third party because would guarantee an Obama victory.

    My initial thoughts:

    Probably for the better in the drive to unseat Obama, but only because of the political corruption of the media and establishment Republicans, who have been relentless in their attacks on her.  It disgusts me that a candidate of such quality cannot run as a practical matter, and that we are left with second and third choices.  But reality is reality, and it would have been a tough road to overcome the past three years.

    Palin had the opportunity to be a game-changer in the direction of this country; someone who really understood at a gut level how far down the road we are on the path to a country we will not recognize; someone who understands that the political class holds the country by the throat, and that removing the grip is necessary not just changing who holds the grip.

    I do not begrudge her the time she took at all.  I respect that she took the time, and in the end made a sound decision, even if it is a decision which leaves me profoundly disappointed in the coming year.

    Added: h/t to commenter hrh40:


    If you want to know how disgusting our own party is, and what types of creeps have influence, witness Erick Erickson crowing:

    At a moment when Erickson could have shown himself to be a mensch he showed himself to be a schmuck.   And of course, managed to make it about him.  As pointed out in the comments, he is asking “Can we all be friends now?” The answer is no.


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    […] Jacobson at Legal Insurrection is both more concise and more eloquent than I, and I agree with everything he wrote about […]

    […] Jacobson at Legal Insurrection is both more concise and more eloquent than I, and I agree with everything he wrote about […]

    Aitch748 | October 6, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    If Sarah Palin is the best one out there, and the party simply cannot support her, then why would I support any of the lesser lights that the party seems to find acceptable? I find it hard enough as it is to work up any enthusiasm for Perry, Cain, Romney, etc.

    The gratuitous bashing of Palin supporters on certain other sites, by posters who seem to be seeing a chance for retribution for injuries real or imagined inflicted on supporters of other candidates by “Palinistas” and “Palin cultists,” just makes it that much harder to want to work with the GOP. If they can’t put up with me, why should I put up with them?

      Cowboy Curtis in reply to Aitch748. | October 6, 2011 at 4:36 pm

      Why indict the party for decisions she made herself? They didn’t bar her from running, she chose not to. The same paperwork everyone else filed, with the exact same deadlines, and the exact same fundraising rules, were just as available to her as to anyone else. Why are republican voters (or the party machinery) to blame for not rallying to a candidacy that never existed? Were they morally obligated to support someone who, in fact, wasn’t running?

      The only person to blame for Sarah Palin not running for President is Sarah Palin. I know some folks are emotionally invested in her and want someone, anyone, else to blame for her decision, but the fact is, she, and she alone, made it. RedState didn’t veto her out. Nor did Ace, Coulter, Ingraham,or anyone else. She had the exact same opportunity to jump in and make her case to voters via the primaries as everyone else, and chose not to. She decided not to run, and whatever praise or blame accrues with that decision, she’s the one that made it. No one else.

    Governor Palin has taken herself out of the game with yesterday’s announcement that she will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President of the United States.

    Although I am disappointed that you will not be our President, Governor Palin, I wish you well in your new role, whether it be coach, commentator, spectator, or something else.

    We will miss you as a player.

    Kevin Forrester

    […] After Sarah Palin decided that she would not be running for President this time around, Erick Erickson provided this childish response: […]

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