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    Reverend Wright is off limits, but a painted-over rock is page 1 at WaPo

    Reverend Wright is off limits, but a painted-over rock is page 1 at WaPo

    You need no better example of the political corruption of our mainstream media than the page 1 headline at The Washington Post, At Perry camp, racially charged name lingered.

    There is no story behind the headline.

    The article itself reveals that the offensive name of the camp, painted on a rock near the entrance, was painted over by Perry’s father soon after they started hunting at the camp in the early 1980s.

    But WaPo made sure to put the offensive word near the top of the article, so that the charge would stick in readers’ memories.  It’s not until later in the article that they state the facts.  And even then, WaPo cites anonymous sources discounting the precise years in which it was painted over, but never the fact that it was painted over.

    A statement issued by the Perry campaign denies that his family ever owned the property, confirms that the rock was painted over in the early 1980s, and that the name officially was changed by the State of Texas in 1991.

    I have warned people about the upcoming election, and not to take much comfort in the current polling.

    Our mainstream media is biased beyond comprehension, trying to bury Obama’s 20-year association with his mentor Jeremiah Wright while putting a painted-over rock on page 1.  How many parishioners at Wright’s church did WaPo interview as to Obama’s claim that he never heard Wright’s race-baiting and anti-American speeches, even though they were sold in the lobby?

    Take nothing for granted.


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    Now, come ON Guys. Why are we surprised? Why are we worked up? Sure, it’s a phoney charge. Sure, it’s trumped up. Sure, it’s completely false, misleading, racist and melodramatic and another example of absolutely horrible badly written CIVIC journalism.

    But please remember.

    The Democrats are the party of racemongers. Their HERITAGE was racist so NATURALLY their world view is STILL racist, seeing everything through that prism.

    And Rick Perry WAS a Democrat at the time.

    So was his father.

    I mean, KUDOS that they painted that rock over right away, but HEY!

    It was all they knew, after all. They belonged to the party of racists.

    That’s it. I have subscribed to the Washington Post for close to 2 decades, I cancelled my NYT subcription a couple of years ago, now the time has come for me to cancel the washington post, compost, as Levin calls it.

    And it is a piece of compost, I read that entire article and then at the end of reading it, thought wtf? what the hell was the point of the article?

    Never mind glossing over all of Obama’s racist behavior, past, past/current associations, all of that is off limits, but a freaking stupid rock that was painted over when Perry’s family bought the land, this is supposed to be a story?!

    I would say shame on you Washington Post, but that would require they have a conscience, which they don’t, nor do they seem to have any real reporters, especially after reading this nonsense on their page 1. I suspect if they keep this up, and I don’t doubt they will, they will lose what’s left of their subscribers, they’ve certainly lost this one now.

    Very disappointed in Mr.Cain. Maybe his new found popularity is getting to him, but very disappointed in him that he would fall for the race card being played by the MSM. I almost feel sorry for Perry, the lies spread about him, just amazing these people call themselves reporters, they are in fact one of those journ-o-lists from 2008 back doing what they did in 2008, covering and playing defense for their candidate.

    I’m assuming most of the above commenters are from the city or back east.Where I’m from a large rock out in a field has always been called a nigerhead.Has nothing to do with black people.I don’t know where the term came from and don’t care!

    damocles | October 2, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    I am sick and tired of Republicans being called racist. It is time for all of us to get together and condemn the MSM for this slander. Herman Cain needs to stop playing into the hands of the MSM. Cain threw Perry under the bus and furthered the Lefts narrative that all Republicans are racist. Cain should have applauded Perry for being the first one to paint over the offensive word and turn the rock over. Perry was the one who took action. cain needs to stop playing the MSM game, he knows better, he has been baited like this in his radio show for years.

      alex in reply to damocles. | October 2, 2011 at 10:19 pm

      That’s why I find Cain’s response so surprising, he caught this race baiting trap on his radio show all the time and called it out.

      Here he did the opposite, very disappointed in Cain, I hope he apologizes to Perry and pounds the MSM for their lies and race baiting.

        Whatcha wanna make a bet Cain clarifies tomorrow? I didn’t hear the exact exchange, but Cain is a reasonable man and it sounds like he fell into it. I see Cain as capable of doing what Obama could have been capable of doing: tamping down the flames of race baiting.

        I bet he does.

          I don’t expect Cain to backtrack on this. When he was on Fox with Chris Wallace, Wallace was baiting him just like Amanpour did and Can fell right into Walace’s trap of making Cain sound like he was overtly calling Perry as “racist.”

          Before Perry got in the race, I was a Cainiac. I was hoping he would do well and show his moxie. Now, he has reduced himself to no better than Romney, in my view. I suspect this will hurt him with a lot of people who are tired of being labeled “racists” because they belong to a TEA Party or are Southern Republicans.

          Cain could have upped his image of being ever the gentleman by saying “Yeah, it was insensitive, but I understand Governor Perry’s parents painted over it and for that you have to give them credit.” He didn’t do that.

          Now, I curious as to what all you Palin fans have to say about this after you were so upset by the unfair (and yes, it was unfair) treatment Governor Palin received by the LSM. You have claimed that it was because the media, ruled by liberals, were afraid of her. Do you still hold that view and now think the liberals are afraid of Governor Perry, or does that opinion change depending on who the media is smearing?

            SmokeVanThorn in reply to retire05. | October 3, 2011 at 2:09 am

            You just can’t help yourself, can you? Perry is the victim of an egregious smear, and you regard it an opportunity to take a gratuitous swipe at Palin supporters.

            With friends like you, Perry doesn’t need enemies at the Post.

            retire05 in reply to retire05. | October 3, 2011 at 11:34 am

            SmokeVanThorn, when the media landed in Wasilla, Alaska like a flock of buzzards, looking for something, anything, to trash Sarah Palin over, I found it disgusting. I agreed with Palin fans that she was being unfairly targeted (can I say that?) by the media who were out to destroy her any way possible.

            And her followers were quite vocal over that shameful treatment, rightfully so. But now you seem to think it is unreasonable for me to expect them to be just as vocal as the media sets out to destroy Rick Perry?

            Yes, I expect Palin supporters to be just as vocal now as they were then, no matter who the GOP candidate is that the media is attempting to destroy. And if they don’t, if and when Palin decides to get in the race, the supporters of other candidates will remember that.

            Or is that just too much to ask from you?

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