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    Post-Palin reader poll – Who benefits?

    Post-Palin reader poll – Who benefits?

    Which candidate will most benefit from Palin not running?

    NOT who do you want to win, but who will benefit.

    Poll open until 5 p.m. Thursday.


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    Clearly, the candidate that benefits the most will be the one that Sarah decides to back. Her ability to raise interest is unmatched by anyone in the political spectrum. I do believe she has the unique ability to decide who the next POTUS will be. Kingmaker, indeed.

      jorgen in reply to Syd B.. | October 6, 2011 at 11:00 am


      Until today: Romney gets nearly all the left-of-center votes. Cain, Bachman, Perry and Gingrich are sharing all the right-of-center votes with a little portion each with the result that none of them can win against Romney. Whoever she backs will now have the chance of beating Romney.

    BarbaraS | October 6, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    The communists have infiltrated just about every organization you can think of. What makes anyone think they have not infiltrated the republican party? Certainly the things the GOP has done and said shows just that. The communists have dug in so deep and are hiding so well it will take decades to remove them all if we even can do this.

    I am disappointed that Sarah is not running, but in talking to severl other republicans, I have come to the conclusion she couldn’t win. They won’t support her. They say they will sit home if she wins the nomination because she is stupid. The media has done its work very well. I, for one, will never forgive them for this. I was very angry that they selected our candidate in John McCain in 2008. I do not want this to happen again. I will never buy another magazine, newspaper or watch their channels on TV. I will not buy any product when the maker endorses the dim party or any dim candidate. They are all in the tank for the communists and obama. I wish everybody would do this. We can live without them. They cannot live without us.Total destruction is what they deserve.

    I still say McCain threw the election in 2008 on purpose. He did everything possible to ensure he did not win. He allowed his staff to trash Sarah Palin even though she was his running mate. I can only think he did this because of jealousy. He was jealous of her popularity that exceeded his. Never mind that he really had no popularity. I was truly sorry she campaigned for his senat re-election. She should have let him wallow in the mud.

    Browndog | October 6, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    I should have followed up earlier-

    The correct answer is …..


    It maintains the status quo.

    Which, benefits Romney.

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