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    Operation Counterweight, the electoral strategy for the rest of us

    Operation Counterweight, the electoral strategy for the rest of us

    Thanks to commenter Mutnodjmet for reminding me:

    PS.  Just to let you know, in light of Palin’s decision, I am promoting OPERATION COUNTERWEIGHT quite heavily.

    The reference is to my post in early June, Commence Operation Counterweight:

    Why do I have this feeling that the back-stabbing and petty politics of the Republican insiders are going to leave me completely unexcited about the presidential campaign, and more focused on electing conservatives to Congress as a counterweight to the (hoped for) new Republican President?

    Fight for the Republican nominee we want and the defeat of Obama, but also commence preparations for Operation Counterweight.

    That will be my strategy for 2012, focusing on critical races in which we can elect Republicans willing to stand up to the Republican President who will take the oath of office in January 2013, and keep the Republican Speaker of the House and Republican Senate Majority Leader from repeating the mistakes of the past.

    (Suggestions of candidates/races to focus on always welcome.  With redistricting still in progress, it’s harder to identify candidates who meet the criteria: (1) must be a conservative Republican (preferably with a Tea Party background), not third parties; (2) must be a swing district, i.e., a potentially vulnerable Republican or chance to flip a Democratic seat; and (3) must not already have national attention and fundraising .)


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    dmacleo | October 9, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    heh… I live in Maine so have snowe/collins in senate and michaud/pingree (yes that thief) in house.
    ANYTHING would be better….

    PrincetonAl | October 9, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    This is 6 months old but a goodie. While focused on Senate races, it is a helpful way of thinking about where you can really improve on the candidate relative to the state.

    It gets out of simplistic “who is the bigger RINO” conversation … and into “who is the biggest RINO relative to their voters?” … a much more critical look at any given.

    Bad news for those who want to replace Snowe or Collins or Brown and may not be able to improve a lot … but good news on plenty of other candidates.

    It sets realistic expectations on how far you can move any single election within a state.

    As always … a great candidate can move a state more points than a weak one, and all politics are local.

    Count me into the Ted Cruz and Michael Williams camp. I would also like it if we could, somehow, retire Ralph Hall. He’s kind of okay but he’s just been there too long.

    Sometimes I have idle dreams about finding someone to beat Shiela Jackson Lee but then, maybe it’s a good idea to keep a downright loon as a face of the Democrats.

    Thank you,Professor. As a Palin supporter, I think this falls in line with what she intends on doing as a non-presidential candidate in 2012. All eggs can’t be put in the presidential basket.

    docdisgruntled | October 9, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    Randy Altschuler in NY-01. In 2010, incumbent Democrat won by 500 votes out of 200,000 cast. Altschuler has Tea Party endorsements. A very flippable seat.

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