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    The Rick Perry campaign gets a much needed reorganization,  but does this advice hold, Perry shuffles campaign team:

    The first thing [Joe] Allbaugh ought to do is send Perry to Dallas to apologize for badmouthing W. all over the country. I believe that we will see a slow but steady rise in Perry’s fortunes from this point forward.

    In the natural ebb and flow of a campaign, it seems to me that perhaps Perry’s ebb has ended, Romney and Cain’s has started, and Newt’s watching and waiting on the shore, and building.

    Ouch, Mark Steyn on Herman Cain.

    Ugh, Gaddafi sodomized (h/t HotAir):

    An analysis of video obtained by GlobalPost from a rebel fighter who recorded the moment when Col. Muammar Gaddafi was first captured confirms that another rebel fighter, whose identity is unknown, sodomized the former leader as he was being dragged from the drainpipe where he had taken cover.

    Dems not too hot on Obama mortgage actions:

    Just hours after the Obama administration unveiled enhancements to its anti-foreclosure efforts, House Democrats are already saying it doesn’t go nearly far enough to help the millions of homeowners still struggling from the housing bust.

    Obama has opened a Tumblr site as a “huge collaborative storytelling effort.”  Isn’t this entire administration one “huge collaborative storytelling effort” aready? (BTW, they’re worried about trolls).  Really?  Considering how well their hashtag efforts are working on Twitter, why would they worry about that?

    What else?


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    Steyn has recanted!

    “Re that Herman Cain video:

    Okay, I take back everything I said yesterday about his lack of knowledge of foreign policy, national security, social issues, etc. He’s got my endorsement just for Mark Block’s cigarette exhalation. Haven’t seen anything like that since Sammy Davis Jr. took a drag in the instrumental break of ‘With A Song In My Heart’ at the Royal Albert Hall a couple of decades back.”

    Just saw the first info on Perry’s tax plan. Have to see more details, but on first blush, it appears better thought out than 999.

    The key thing is the Perry also addresses gov’t spending specifically. It doesn’t matter how taxes are collected nearlty as much as how they are spent. Perry’s plan caps federal spending to 18% of GDP. Good start!

    Perry also said: ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank and Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley must be quickly repealed. Exactly!

    Waiting to here more, but so far, this is the difference between leadership and salesmanship.

    workingclass artist | October 25, 2011 at 1:04 pm


    Perry’s plan is a good one and workable. Has some good reform proposals in it & neutralizes the usual democratic complaint by using a choice option.
    His answer to the NYT class warfare baiting was great. He basically said he doesn’t care about it as long as it gets money back into the economy to create jobs and stimulate business growth and investment into the american economy.
    I think this is a game changer. His speech in SC launching this plan was a good one.

      Owen J in reply to workingclass artist. | October 25, 2011 at 7:20 pm

      The part I like best it that he has some workalbe ideas on entitlement reform. That and the regulatory roll-backs he proposes are huge — bigger than the tax changes themselves.

      On the whole, he articulated a good comprehensive strategy that actually has a chance: tax reform, entitlement reform, regulatory sanity, spending reductions. It better (so far) than anything else I’ve seen.

      Of course, the absolutists are already out in in full cry. That in itself is a pretty good sign. (I could hope this would elevate the national debate on these issues, but I think that’s a hope too far.)

    damocles | October 25, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    Agree. I also love that it limits Federal spending to 18% of GDP, and opens the door for private social security accounts. A lot to like in this plan, and no national sales tax.

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