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    The Wisconsin recall effort against Scott Walker gets started in three weeks, and guess what, Dems may go after more Republican state senator!  The punchy Director of Communications of the WI Democratic Party is quite excited.

    There was a massive earthquake in Turkey, with as many as 1000 possibly dead.  Israel has offered help, let’s see if Turkey accepts it.

    Cain v. Perry; rumor is that Cain is target no. 1 for the Perry campaign, I guess the theory being that there can only be one not-Romney contender.  If they start going after each other, Newt benefits.

    What else?

    Update: Steve Forbes endorses Rick Perry.  Is this news?  I thought this already had happened, but maybe not in a formal way:


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    BarbaraS | October 24, 2011 at 11:34 am

    I wonder why a republican bothers to run in Wisconsin. If they win the dims will just recall them. I would think this leaves candidates antsy about their future after they have spent mucho money to get elected. It is as if the dims don’t win the first time, they get to try again.

    If I was Israel, I wouldn’t bother to offer. Let them sink.

    I wasn’t aware that candidates pick only one rival to go after. I thought they went after all of them. We need to be careful about the articles the MSM puts out. Always remember they want us to do a lot of infighting and they will egg us on if they can. They are the enemy, not the rival candidates.

    I’m glad Forbes endorsed Perry. Perry is my guy if I can’t have Palin.

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