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    If this doesn’t motivate you for November, Part 2

    If this doesn’t motivate you for November, Part 2

    Sometimes the Editorial Board of The NY Times gets it right, even if for the wrong reasons, as in this editorial, The Court and the Next President:

    When Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. began the new Supreme Court term by congratulating Antonin Scalia on his 25th anniversary as a justice, it was a reminder that Justice Scalia is now 75 as is Anthony Kennedy and that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 78.

    Since 80 is the average retirement age of justices over the past generation, whoever is elected president could shape the court for the next generation….

    That’s about as much as The Times’ editors get right, and the rest of the editorial is devoted to bashing Republican candidates and the conservatives on the Court.

    But The Times is right about the importance of the 2012 election for the next generation on the Court.  Think of the Court without the genius of Antonin Scalia.

    As I said in July 2010, If This Doesn’t Motivate You For November, Nothing Will.  At that time I was talking about November 2010, and the attempt to regain control of the Senate in anticipation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg retiring, or worse, a conservative Justice retiring in what Jeff Greenfield called The (Possible) Mother of All Battles.

    Fortunately, and unexpectedly, Justice Ginsburg is not retiring yet, and barring illness, the Court makeup will remain the same through November 2012.  Given the ages of the Justices, the presidential election is the inflection point which will determine the next generation of the Court.


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    redc1c4 | October 30, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    the difference between who Mittens would nominate versus the SCOAMF picking another raving moonbat is so trivial as to be hardly worth getting excited about.

    in fact, since i live in the People’s Republic of California, if the GOP nominates their preferred RINO or Newt the fallback Beltway RINO, i won’t bother doing anything other than going down on election day and voting for the local lost causes here.

    the nomination of either of those two idiots will be final proof that the GOP “leadership” would rather maintain their personal perks as a minority party than engage in an active debate over what is good for this country and her citizens.

    Mittens has publicly stated that one of the reasons we should all be thrilled to rush down and vote for him is that he canw*rk with Democraps… ala McLame “reaching across the aisle”.

    the problem is, we don’t want or need someone “reaching across the aisle to the lieberals, unless they are swinging a clue by four and knocking some sense into their collective noggins.

    more of the same is not what we want or need and i, for one, will not aid and abet such stupidity.

      Kerrvillian in reply to redc1c4. | October 30, 2011 at 9:40 pm

      I’ll second that emotion.

      Telling me that Romney would be a better choice doesn’t fly. There is something worse than a Dem packing the court with screaming liberals. It’s a RINO packing the court with screaming liberals.

    BannedbytheGuardian | October 30, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Regarding life terms for SCOTUs.

    This is giving individuals too much power. I don’t even have to go into health & mental agility issues that creep up in old age.

    Our limit is 75 years. Many are retiring earlier to live pleasanter less shackled lives. Some have become Roving Minstrels of Law & are a better influence on public opinion than the media.

    At least they know something.

    I used to cycle past The High Court most days & can verify that it is a buzz on the Weekends . It has world class long curved bannistesr rails that are perfect for skateboarding .

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