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    Herman Cain – The First Real Test

    Herman Cain – The First Real Test

    Because I’m traveling all day, I’m not going to be able to cover the Politico’s not very specific yet sensational claims about two settlements in the 1990s involving women who worked at the National Restaurant Association when Herman Cain ran the organization.  It’s not clear what Cain allegedly did, whether there really were claims of “inappropriate” behavior, or if the claims were legitimate.

    Today, or in the next couple of days, I expect that more details — or evidence of the lack of details — will emerge.  We’ll find out if there is any there there.

    This is the first real test of Cain’s candidacy.  How he handles this will determine whether he remains a contender.

    How should we react?  The instinct to defend a conservative is a good instinct.  We’ve seen too many times, with Sarah Palin and recently with Rick Perry, how the MSM will give every benefit of the doubt to those who make accusations.  We must fight against the use of mere accusations as evidence of actual misconduct.

    If supporters of other candidates — particularly bloggers — gloat over Cain’s problems, post it in the comments and when I get back I’ll take a pixelated 2″  x 4″ to their heads, because piling on a fellow conservative is inexcusable.  It’s the principle I’ve been following for the past three  years when Republicans piled on and took cheap shots at Palin, and it’s a principle I’ll apply to Cain.

    So consider this an Open thread, and keep each other informed of the latest.


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    damocles | October 31, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    Well, it looks like finally Cain is starting to speak out about this and give more details. This is good, but it seems that he hasbeen dripping out some detail today, which he denied even knowing about yesterday. maybe he was waiting for his lawyer to tell him it was okay to disclose these details. His campaign was approached by Politico about this 10 days ago and had 10 days to come with a satisfactory answer. What is happening in his campaign? Cain needs to get more experienced staffers who know how to deal with issues like these BEFORE they blow up in his face.

    GrumpyOne | October 31, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    This whole affair is just an example of the democrat attack machine getting warmed up. Expect a lot more of the same even if Cain is not the nominee.

    There is nothing more for the liberals to fear than a successful black man running against the current liar-in-chief. They will pull out all the stops to create doubt, innuendo and frustration among the voting public. The mainstream media are just like a bunch of pigs at the trough.

    This particular issue will pass but there are plenty more waiting in the queue…

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