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    Butcher of Ramallah soon to be free

    Butcher of Ramallah soon to be free

    As part of the deal to free Gilad Shalit, the butcher of Ramallah who participated in the disemboweling and mutilation of two Israeli soldiers who took a wrong turn on a road in the West Bank in October 2000 at the start of the 1st Intifada, will be set free:

    Abed el-Aziz Salha, who was 20 at the time of the lynch, was arrested in 2001 and was sentenced to life in prison. He became infamous following an image taken during the lynching, in which he waved his bloody hands outside the Ramallah police station in which the attack took place.

    Salha arrived at the police station once he heard the soldiers were held there, entering the structure through the window. He then proceeded to go from room to room. He then saw Vadim Norzhich as he was lying on his stomach with a knife sticking out of his back, and 15 people kicking him.

    Salha then proceeded to remove the knife from the IDF reservist’s back, only to stab him another three times, at which time he proceeded to wave his bloodied hands outside the window.

    The story is gruesome:

    The soldiers were beaten, stabbed, had their eyes gouged out, and were disemboweled. At this point, a Palestinian (later identified as Aziz Salha), appeared at the police station window, displaying his blood-stained hands to the crowd, which erupted into cheers. One of the soldier’s bodies was then thrown out the window and stamped and beaten by the enraged mob. One of the bodies was set on fire. Soon after, the mob dragged the two mutilated bodies to Al-Manara Square in the city center as the crowd began an impromptu victory celebration

    Photos of the mutilated bodies are here (warning, shocking photos), and there is more at American Power.

    The video needs no translation:


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    So this is what passes for a victim to the post-modernist anti-colonial left? God help the Republic. God help Israel.

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