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    About last night’s debate

    About last night’s debate

    The more I see Rick Perry in action the more I like him, but the more I get the feeling that he’s not up to the task of defeating Romney, much less Obama.  I’m not writing him off, at all, but he has to play a long game.  It may not be fair, but running for president is not like anything else; he has to be the messenger not just have a message.

    Cain was disappointing.  Alan Greenspan?!?!

    Michelle Bachmann had the best answer of the night, focusing on Chris Dodd and Barney Frank as the cause of the housing crisis.

    Newt was good, but didn’t get a lot of air time.

    Time to thin the herd and drop Huntsman from the next debate, he’s reduced to one-line jokes.

    Remember, not a single vote has been cast.  But unless some of the not-Romney’s drop out, I don’t see a path for any of them at the moment as the not vote gets diluted.


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    workingclass artist | October 13, 2011 at 9:18 am


    Most people completely underestimated the Beltway GOP resistance to Perry’s candidacy.

    It’s because Perry means business and will shrink the federal govt. as much as he can within the executive. He’ll consolidate where he can…trim the fat,nuke the ones he hates like the dept. of Education & return agencies to states. It will all be according to law and will save money and stifle federal overeach.

    Gov. Perry balanced the state budget by refusing to let the legislature dip anymore into the state reserve fund called the “rainy day fund”…He cut the budget instead telling municipalities to prepare and adapt. School districts laid off a bunch of teachers and are now suing but they will lose as some urban school districts in Texas are notorious for wasting money & fraud DISD. By doing this S&P upgraded the state rating citing Perry. Sales Tax revenues are back to 2008 levels and the rainy day fund will be back up to $7 billion by 2013.

    It will take leadership and backbone to trim the fat and do it wisely. Even when he was a bluedog Perry was a budget pitbull & democrats in Texas call him Paul Ryan on steroids.

    Executive Departments

    * Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    * Department of Commerce (DOC)
    * Department of Defense (DOD)
    * Department of Education (ED)
    * Department of Energy (DOE)
    * Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
    * Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
    * Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
    * Department of Justice (DOJ)
    * Department of Labor (DOL)
    * Department of State (DOS)
    * Department of the Interior (DOI)
    * Department of the Treasury
    * Department of Transportation (DOT)
    * Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
    * Administrative Conference of the United States
    * Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
    * African Development Foundation
    * AMTRAK (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)

    * Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
    * Commission on Civil Rights
    * Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    * Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
    * Corporation for National and Community Service
    * Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia

    * Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
    * Director of National Intelligence

    * Election Assistance Commission
    * Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    * Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
    * Export-Import Bank of the United States

    * Farm Credit Administration
    * Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
    * Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
    * Federal Election Commission (FEC)
    * Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    * Federal Housing Finance Board
    * Federal Labor Relations Authority
    * Federal Maritime Commission
    * Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
    * Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
    * Federal Reserve System
    * Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
    * Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

    * General Services Administration (GSA)

    * Institute of Museum and Library Services
    * Inter-American Foundation
    * International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB)

    * Merit Systems Protection Board
    * Millennium Challenge Corporation

    * National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
    * National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
    * National Capital Planning Commission
    * National Council on Disability
    * National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)
    * National Endowment for the Arts
    * National Endowment for the Humanities
    * National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
    * National Mediation Board
    * National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
    * National Science Foundation (NSF)
    * National Transportation Safety Board
    * Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

    * Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
    * Office of Compliance
    * Office of Government Ethics
    * Office of Personnel Management
    * Office of Special Counsel
    * Office of the Director of National Intelligence
    * Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive
    * Overseas Private Investment Corporation

    * Panama Canal Commission
    * Peace Corps
    * Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
    * Postal Regulatory Commission

    * Railroad Retirement Board

    * Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    * Selective Service System
    * Small Business Administration (SBA)
    * Social Security Administration (SSA)

    * Tennessee Valley Authority
    * U.S. Trade and Development Agency
    * United States Agency for International Development
    * United States International Trade Commission
    * United States Postal Service (USPS)

    Boards,commissions etc.

    Federal advisory committees.

    Quasi official agencies

      beloved2 in reply to workingclass artist. | October 13, 2011 at 2:21 pm

      Thank you for your eloquent postings for Governor Perry. He is an exceptionally nice gentleman.He and Anita took the lone SEALS’ survivor into their home where he lived for months and Anita made sure he got the best medical and psychological treatment she could. Texas treats its veterans best of any state. Governor Perry always calls the family when a Texas serviceman/woman dies. Governor also called his opponent in last election to say “no hard feelings”. How we need a man of his stature and character to restore America.
      Governor Perry’s appeal is more than regional. Examples:
      40 Maryland GOP Legislators and Leaders Endorse Rick Perry for President

      Governor Perry has the plan to restore America.What outsiders don’t seem to know is that Texas is self-sufficient. Texas could become a sovereign republic because its “rainy day” fund is gold. Look at the Federal inventory below as of March 2010 and wonder where 3/4 of the gold in Ft. Knox went. Why isn’t the Congress grilling Geithner on the disappearance of Ft. Knox gold?

      $190 billion dollars worth of gold was inventoried at Fort Knox as being gone according to the 2010 March inventory.
      “…Perusing the latest Federal Reserve Flow of Funds Report (PDF) released last month, tipster J.B. in Maryland noted something odd:

      Page 24 line 14 reports sales of $190 billion of gold (6,000 tons, roughly), about three-fourths of our alleged domestic holdings. This occurred in the Third Quarter of 2009, over 6 months ago. This was very quietly done, as one might expect…”
      Line 14, in the section entitled “Net acquisition of financial assets” specifies a $-190.9 billion figure related to gold and similar investment commodities…”

      So the state institutions started buying actual gold and storing it. When Obama’s economic jihad is finished, Texas will still be intact and able to survive. Our Governor Perry is very wise.

    retire05 | October 13, 2011 at 10:28 am

    workingclass artist, I think we are missing a couple of things here: first, the media (WaPo in particular) started doing hit pieces on Rick Perry weeks before he even threw his hat in the ring. Then came the “rock” story with the NYSlimes continuing all last week to publish artices that reeked “Perry is a racist”, even going so far as to point out that in the area where Perry grew up, sling shots were called “n***er shooters”, 100 YEARS AGO.

    I think we’re missing the regional aspect of this primary. Romney is an “acceptable” Northerner. Perry is a Southerner. And while people in the South are more than willing to nominate a northerner who is qualified, the north has always seems more reluctant to nominate a southerner. I have seen too many comments by people would like to stick it in the eye of the Democrats by nominating a black man. IMHO, if you vote, based on race either way, its racist (voting for someone just because they are white is just as racist as voting for a guy just because he is black).

    The northern press is portraying Perry as Bush, II, when nothing is farther from the truth. Their governing styles are totally different. Perry is also being portrayed as a dumb hick, a cowboy, which is the same tactic the northern press used on both Reagan and Bush, II. What most people didn’t know about Bush, II is that while he did not give good speeches, he suffered somewhat from stage fright, but get him in a crowd of people where he was talking to them individually, he was brilliant. Bill O’Reilly once interviewed President Bush and said he was surprised how smart, and informed, G.W. really was and that he was nothing like he had been portrayed in the unfriendly media.

    I am not surprised that Christie endorsed Romney. Birds of a feather. And yesterday, Jeb Bush gave a shout out for Romney. No surprise there, either. The Bushes are not going to come out for Perry.

    @workingclass artist

    I think the Beltway/GOP Establishment crowd underestimated the resistance to Romney. They tried to get Christie to jump in the race, not because they feared Perry but they did not trust Romney. The same crowd preferred Mitch Daniels and had no problem with Haley Barbour. They are doing everything to give the appearance that all is well when it is not. I don’t know how you can look at the polls in light of ‘being presidential’ and see a non-politician either ahead or nipping at your heels and feel good about your campaign. There are still a lot of undecideds.
    To me, Romney is very condescending during the debates. He does not treat his fellow candidates as equals. He believes he is the smartest man on the stage and lacks any sense of humility. He believes he is entitled to the presidency. Over 70% of the GOP/conservative voters must have a similar opinion because they aren’t buying what Romney is selling. Georgette Mosbacher’s victory dance is a bit premature.

    I had my doubts about Perry but find myself warming to him. He is raising a ton of money which means a lot of folks are buying into him. I wish some on our side would not give up on Perry or demand instant turn-around. There is a lot of ball yet to be played. I think Cain and Bachmann are side-shows and show horses. They look good and say presumably the right things but their accomplishments are meager. Romney needs them to stay in the race. The media will promote an anti-Romney only to eventually tear them down. Romney can only win the nomination with a plurality (just like McCain in 2008).


    I think you are right about the Bushes. Jeb will not endorse Romney at this time and probably would love not to endorse Romney. He would rather be above it all. Some of the stuff the media is using against Perry is dispicable. Of course, they have no interest in examining Obama’s past. So much for a free press ……

      retire05 in reply to spartan. | October 13, 2011 at 3:08 pm

      spartan, I fully expect Jeb Bush to toss the coin to Romney. He is just waiting to do that in case Cain’s current popularity continues. Meanwhile, the press, and Romney continue to beat up on Perry. That should give everyone cause to ask why?

      If you are in the #1 slot, as Cain and Romney seem to be switching, why do you go after the guy in the #3 slot and not the one that poses the biggest threat to your position on the totem pole? It’s kinda like Romney going after Santorum. Waste of time and effort since Santorum poses no threat. Yet, Romney continues to try to beat up on Perry with a complicit media at his disposal doing the same.

      I also have stopped watching Fox as I get sickened by the talking heads who keep trying to convince me that Romney really has it in the bag. I will judge for myself who I want, not Fox. Charles Krauthammer is especially grievous with his all Romney, all the time mantra. But then, Krauthammer determined that Perry was just another hillbilly (like Reagan and Bush II were called) and will push the East Coast liberal.

      I live in fly-over country. And I don’t want some elitist who thinks that their failing state is the way my state should go by federal fiat.

        spartan in reply to retire05. | October 13, 2011 at 8:11 pm


        Really great points. Why are the pundits liberal and conservative (presumably) fixated on the person in 3rd/4th place?
        It could be because they know Perry can raise a ton of cash (17Million this quarter). They also know that Cain and Bachmann have very little in campaign infrastructure. I have it on very good authority a lady who was hired by Cain to run his campaign in Louisiana did not get paid for a quite a while. I am not sure if she is still working for Cain. Perhaps, Cain subscribes to the HuffPost business model where everyone works for free. Thus, neither are a long term threat to Romney. Let’s not forget, as I understand it, the GOP primaries are not winner-take-all.

        As I see it, only Perry is a threat to the status quo. Cain and Bachmann will not/have not addressed how to deal with spending cuts or entitlement reforms. Instead, Bachmann proposes Reagan tax cuts and Cain proposes his 9-9-9 plan. They are perfect foils/dupes for the statists.
        Cain’s idea will lead to a VAT. A VAT is not only regressive but it is inherently corrupt as companies can get their products exempt from the VAT while their competitor’s products cost more. You never see much competition/free enterprise in Europe. Crony capitalism indeed.
        The other problem with 9-9-9 is it will never be permanent. Congress will raise the rates and like the frogs in the pot, one day it will be too late. Cain, like Romney, never sees the consequences of their ideas and assumes all will be well. When consequences do occur, they place the blame on their political opponents and never on their idea. Hmmm, where have I heard that excuse Mr Romney?

        And yes, I am getting to the point where there is little to watch/enjoy on FOX News.

        workingclass artist in reply to retire05. | October 14, 2011 at 7:40 am

        Marco Rubio’s staff pushed up to Florida primary date to help Romney & yeah they used to work for Romney. Romney also had staff pushing up the date in NV.

          “Cesar used to be with Romney’s campaign,” one informed source explained … ”

          I call BS on this. So who’s the source? Why is he not named? How do we know that is isn’t just more of the same BS designed to stir up hate & discontent?

          We don’t, of course.

          People need to stop promulgating every specious (usually fabricated) rumor in an attempt to tear down their opponents. That’s how we elected the current infestation.

          “A source close to Rubio e-mailed us to note that Florida’s primary date is chosen by committee. He emphatically denies that either Cesar Conda or Rubio himself influenced the process.”

          See what I mean?

          Require proof beyond a reasonable doubt – always. The way out of this mess is NOT to start acting like Liberals.

    jwillmoney | October 13, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    I agree completely with the anti-Cain folks here. He’d try to run the US like a “business”. Worked out great for Arnie, didn’t it?? No gov’t experience. He’d be in over his head faster than Obama. The Alan “The markets will somehow correct themselves” Greenspan comment was rightly whacked by Ron Paul. His 9-9-9 plan is a cruel joke where poor people pay 18%, WORKING people pay 27%, and rich folks like well…. Herman Cain pay 18%. Not a chance in hell of that ever getting 1 Democratic vote in either house. VAT’s do not work in Europe and once people know what 9-9-9 really is, they’ll drop Herm like a bad habit.

      Owen J in reply to jwillmoney. | October 14, 2011 at 3:18 am

      And those percentage are on gross income since Cain has said “no deductions” which would appear to also mean “no exemptions” — I haven’t heard him say otherwise.

      So compared to current rates, that 9% is more like 10-11% plus the 9% sales tax!

      So I agree with you that once voters find out about that, Cain will be in deep deep trouble (as he should be).

      Cain is a nice guy with a nice story, but if this is an example of his thinking — raising working families’ taxes by 50% — he is as foolish and misguided as they come.

      (If Cain wanted taxes to roughly balance for I think a 666 plan might get close. I assume someone has already thought of that…)

    workingclass artist | October 14, 2011 at 7:25 am

    Gov. Perry is going to unveil phase 1 of his economic plan to create jobs today. he previewed it in an article in the Union Leader before the debate & spoke about energy production during the debate.

    Al Gore will have a coniption fit.

    This won’t be Obama’s unicorn solyndra approach that is killing jobs in whole regions…This is the return of American Dominance in the energy production market.

    The rigs are waiting, the wildcatters are ready & the people are ready to work…

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