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    Time for an invervention, Obama’s on a tax hike bender

    Time for an invervention, Obama’s on a tax hike bender

    Five days ago Obama unveiled a “jobs plan” which included tax hikes of $467 billion, $400 billion of which were on individuals making $200,000 (and couples making $250,000).

    Tomorrow Obama will unveil a “deficit reduction plan” which will include $1.5 trillion in new taxes including an extra tax on people making $1 million or more.

    In 6 days, Obama will have proposed over $2 trillion (that trillion with a “t”) in new taxes, above and beyond what we already pay.

    The big spender is on a tax hike bender.

    We need an intervention of historic proportions.

    It’s no longer Republicans versus Democrats, or Progressives versus Tea Partiers.

    It’s enablers versus interventionists.


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    We have no reporters with stones in this country. Not one.

    Not only will they not ask Obama a real question, they throw softballs at his minions.

    Just once I’d like to see a reporter ask Obama how many jobs will be prevented or destroyed as a direct result of the 2 Trillion Dollar tax hike he just proposed.

    If we use the Stimulus formula of 1 job created/saved for every $72,000 they flushed down the toilet (a ratio O’s own economic advisors came up with), $2 Trillion in Tax Hikes should Prevent or Destroy 27,777,777 jobs. This is on top of the $1 Trillion in tax hikes that Obamacare represents.

    Don’t forget that the ‘supercommittee’ is charged with 1.5 Trillion in ‘deficit reduction’. While the R’s read that as ‘spending cuts’ there isn’t a D on the Committee that’s willing to cut a dime of anything other than defense. To them, ‘deficit reduction’ and ‘revenue increase’ are synonymous.

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