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    The Rick Perry of lore needs to show up real soon

    The Rick Perry of lore needs to show up real soon

    My initial reaction last night was that Rick Perry did not have a good night.

    My reaction this morning is that he had a disastrous night, possibly ending his chances of getting the nomination unless he gets his act together real soon.  I say “possibly” because it only is late September, and there still is time … but if last night is the best he has, it’s just not good enough.

    On appearances, Perry came across once again as ill-prepared, stumbling, and uncomfortable.  I cringe at the thought of the Rick Perry from last night’s debate on stage in October 2012 against Obama with the whole country watching.  I hope there is another Rick Perry out there, because last night’s Rick Perry would not stand a chance on stage against our smooth-talking, fact-misstating President.

    Michelle Malkin has the video of a fumbled attempt to attack Romney.  It was a set attack piece, clearly planned in advance, there was no reason to mess it up.

    Perry’s answer on the Texas Dream Act was horrid.  The issue was in-state tuition for children brought to the country illegally.   Someone legally in the country from Arizona would pay significantly more than someone illegally in the country who resides in Texas.  The issue was not whether children brought here illegally get an education through high school, or even get to go to college, it’s whether they get a discount that American children do not get.  Yet here was Perry’s answer (via Weekly Standard)(emphasis mine):

    “If you say that we should not educate children who come into our state for no other reason than that they’ve been brought their through no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart,” Perry said. “We need to be educating these children because they will become a drag on our society. I think that’s what Texans wanted to do. Out of 181 members of the Texas legislature when this issue came up [there were] only four dissenting votes. This was a state issue. Texas voted on it. And I still support it today.”

    Romney correctly corrected Perry by pointing out that the issue was the discount and favoritism towards those here illegally versus Americans from other states.  Perry could have defended his policy on the merits without making the “you don’t have a heart” claim.  That answer was insulting and right out of the Democratic Party playbook and the type of charge we are used to hearing from Paul Krugman.

    Perry’s Gardasil answer was just as bad.  By now he should have a clear answer to the question, it’s come up so many times before.  Yet he justified his executive order by saying he was lobbied on it by a woman with stage 4 cervical cancer.  I immediately thought, hadn’t I heard someplace that he didn’t meet that woman until after the order?  And sure enough, my vague memory of news reports was better than Perry’s memory on stage (via ABC News):

    “I got lobbied on this issue. I got lobbied by a 31 year old young lady who had stage 4 cervical cancer,” said Perry. “I spent a lot of time with her.  She came by my office  She talked to me about this program.   I readily admitted we should have had an opt-in but I don’t know what part of opt out most parents don’t get and the fact is I erred on the side of life and I will always err on the side of life as a governor as a president of the United States.”

    The woman Rick Perry mentioned in the Republican debate Thursday was Heather Burcham, a thirty one year old woman dying from cervical cancer. But what Perry left out in his answer was that he met her after he issued his executive order.

    I wanted to like Rick Perry and hoped he would be the conservative we had been hoping for.  But I didn’t jump on the Perry bandwagon unlike some other conservative bloggers in part because the field was not complete and in part because I didn’t know enough about him.

    I brought Katie Thompson on for guest posts over the summer to make the case for Perry and she did a good job.  (Note: Katie now is a leader of Students for Perry)

    I have been waiting for the Rick Perry of Katie’s posts to show up at the debates.  I’m still waiting.  The Rick Perry of lore needs to show up real soon.

    Update:  Jim Geraghty points out the negative reaction to the “don’t have a heart” comment:

    According to [Frank] Luntz’s focus group [on Fox News after the debate], this line by Perry was not only his worst moment in the debate, but perhaps the worst moment any Republican has had in any debate since he started doing these debate-watching focus groups….

    Hey, Governor, if we wanted to hear suggestions that folks on the Right are heartless we would have tuned in to watch a bunch of Democrats….

    If Rick Perry wants to argue that allowing children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates is better for the state, he can and should say so. But every time he suggests that those who disagree have cold-hearted or hateful motives, he alienates Republicans who might otherwise support him.


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    workingclass artist | September 23, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    The Rick Perry of Lore is the campaigner. Perry has never been a polished debater…But he gets his message across & he does this in multiple ways. Perry’s strengths are people to people and he’s better in one on one interviews and giving speeches & talking to voters.

    He is always plain spoken and not a flashy wonk for pundits….and comes across as largely a straight shooter.His on the fly zingers are strategic and play to his strengths which is for ordinary people to see he is talking to them not down to them. Perry won’t dazzle with BS.

    Today he said in a speech ” Don’t elect a smooth debater”

    These types of zingers settle into the minds of the voters in Texas and may well do that nationally. They are dense with meaning….some are almost West Texas zen
    They work because they are simple and common sense & blunt. Mitt Romney and most of the other debaters are more polished than Perry at debating…but debating is only a part of deciding & Obama is as smooth as Mitt.

    Perry treats the voters as if they know better & they usually do.

    Last night Perry achieved 4 things.

    1. He exposed in a clumsy way Mitt as a flip-flopper. Mitt sputtered.

    2. He made Santorum look like an ass.

    3. He split the Latino vote as this is the only issue that democrats use to unite that block by turning it into an ethnic issue when Latin feel attacked over Immigration while Perry played to the #1 concern of Latinos which is education. Every other candidate but Perry, Newt, and Cain seemed willing to undercut GOP strategy to win points with a failed tactic that turned California Blue.
    Seriously does Santorum think 1.9 million Latinos in the military will vote for him now?

    Geraldo Rivera was defending Perry on TV so were Texas Tejano Democrats.

    4. Perry reminded the GOP that Texas is the new California and it is a conservative state…But Perry might make inroads to turning California purple not by pandering but using conservative principles. This is why a democrat can’t beat Perry in Texas because Perry appeals to common conservative concerns of Texans. Reagan’s Latinos will like that more than you think.

    Perry isn’t Reagan but he has a secret weapon that Reagan had…He gets Democrats because he used to be a bluedog and he knows how to win independents…Not by pretending to be moderate like Romney does but by making them want the same things conservatives want like Reagan did & his actions demonstrate it in his record.

    As a Texan I’m kinda having fun watching the whole thing.

    workingclass artist | September 23, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    On Hannity radio today Perry nailed it on a border fence as opposed to Boots on the Ground.

    ” An unmanned obstacle is not an obstacle ”

    That is short and to the point. He explained the reality of the geography that Santorum is ignorant about but Texans, Arizonans, New Mexicanos know as fact…hundred of miles of terrain and wilderness with few cities or towns between.

    Texans know he’ll secure the border…so does Sandoval & the other border governors. It will be his priority. It is the horse in front of the cart which is immigration.

    workingclass artist | September 23, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Florida has it’s own version of in-state tuition…I wonder if Mitt knows that?

    I would like to know how many who have posted here bashing Perry because a) he is not a great debater and b) because the Texas legislation passed a veto proof law giving in-state tuition to the children of illegals would answer these questions:

    1) how many of those children (an approx 16,000 this year out of a student population of almost 5 million) are in fact considered, by current law, to be legal citizens because they are anchor babies? If you have the answer to that, please, provide a link.

    2) how many of these illegal parents own homes in Texas, paying school taxes on those homes? Homes they were allowed to purchase because Bill Clinton and Barney Frank’s former boy friend wrote new rules to the Community Reinvestment Act that allowed ACORN and La Raza to approve mortgage loans that banks were required to give to those illegals?

    3) how does the Hispanic graduation rate in Texas compare to California with its 5 million illegals? What percentage of college graduates are joining gangs and are engaged in criminal activities?

    4) how many illegal children are being deported after finishing high school and college when they apply for citizenship?

    5) how many of the people in that Florida audience do you think were Cuban Americans whose parents really came here illegally but were given the “wet foot, dry foot” rule because Cuba is Communist nation?

    6) how many of you live in states that have passed Voter I.D. laws like Perry lobbied for, and got, in Texas?

    7) What other border state has spent anything near $400 million using state police personell, state drones, and state resources to protect the border. I would be interested in knowing what California, Arizona and New Mexico have done when it comes to putting their crack state troopers on the border or how much they have spend on border control.

    8) What was the first state to join with Arizona in its fight against the feds over Arizona’s SB 1070?

    9) how many of you voted for John McCain?

      workingclass artist in reply to retire05. | September 23, 2011 at 9:07 pm

      I guess Texas isn’t conservative enough…yet again.

      It’s up to America…And Perry is right they can elect a smooth debater or a conservative problem solver with a proven record.

      Texans just kinda shake their heads it’s so stupid.

    “Rick Perry of lore needs to show up real soon.”

    You people (y’all that is) need to get a grip real soon. Just in case some need reminding, the year is actually 2011.

    Stop feeding your silly addiction – in the end, it makes you look very stupid, you will be ashamed, and it is no fun to have people constantly pointing at you and laughing and whispering’ “You remember him/her — s/he’s the one who said … more than YEAR before the election!”

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