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    The Palestinian bubble bursts again

    The Palestinian bubble bursts again

    Why the Palestinians thought that a diplomatic confrontation with the U.S. was the way to go is inexplicable.  Once again, they overplayed their hand.

    Did they really buy into Obama’s rhetoric from 2009 in Cairo, or earlier this year about the Arab Spring?  In part, a big maybe, but I don’t think that explains it all.

    I think the Palestinians live in a bubble of international yes-men and women, people in international NGOs and organizations who keep telling them that isolating and ostracizing Israel is the way to go.

    And perhaps they read columns by Glenn Greenwald and M.J. Rosenberg and others who complain about the “Israel lobby” and use term like “Israel Firsters” and mistakenly think they represent the American people.

    And they go to conferences where people use the Palestinian cause for other purposes, with very effective lip service.

    At every stage on the international scene, there is a bubble of anti-Israeli venom and propaganda which creates a lack of reality, a lack of willingness to compromise.  To put it bluntly, they start believing their own anti-Israeli BS.

    There is only one thing which will bring peace and a real Palestinian state:  The acceptance of Israel as a Jewish state within militarily defensible borders.

    And that is the one thing the Palestinians as of yet are unwilling to give.

    Expect violence.


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    “Expect violence.”

    Have been for a while.

    To recognize Israel/A Jewish state is anathema and a potential death sentence to any practicing Muslim.

    For Hamas or Plo to do so would repudiate 50 years of death and destruction and anyone voicing that would soon be dead.

    Look an Anwar Sadat. The ONLY arab Muslim to sign a peace treaty recognizing Israel. He was murdered 2 years later.

    Hi Professor, re: this topic, have you seen the interesting commentary over at Daniel Greenfield’s Sultan Knish blog…? Mr. Greenfield suggests the end of Palestine could happen. Tid bit:

    “…But US foreign policy on Palestine has never been based on any kind of reality. In Washington D.C., they’re certain that Salam Fayyad’s reforms will fix everything. That all Abbas needs is a “modern” police force and the situation will reverse itself. Of course it will not. And any attempt at another election will quickly show why. Meanwhile the refusal to hold elections, exposes Abbas and Fayyad as a sham, a puppet regime without any legal authority.

    So naturally in the face of all this, Abbas is declaring statehood. It’s an insane last gamble by a leader with a vanishing base of authority and no real future. Instead of stepping back though, Abbas and Fayyad are playing out their final gamble at the UN.

    Abbas doesn’t represent anyone, except the militias and bureaucracy that he pays with US and EU money. His term has expired. He has no legal status for conducting any negotiations. But you won’t read that in the press, which takes great care to blame Netanyahu for delaying negotiations, when in fact it was Abbas who repeatedly rejected direct talks, primarily because they may well end up being his death warrant.

    The media and the Obama Administration remain wired into a purely “Blame Israel” mode. One story after another insists that the main obstacle to peace is a few private Israeli homes going up in Jerusalem or Judea and Samaria. It is as if Hamas’ control of Gaza doesn’t exist for them. The elephant in the room armed with rockets and suicide bombers, controlling all of Gaza, might as well be a non-issue, as far as they’re concerned. No one in the media asks when was the last time Abbas won an election. A minor issue that goes to the minor question of whether Abbas is even actually empowered to reach any binding agreements.”

    read the rest at:

    It will be interesting to see if the Palestinians back off from forcing a vote. I believe they will because Saudi Arabia threatened to “reassess” its diplomatic stance with the US were they US to veto the popular vote. As with their announcements that they will be increasing or decreasing their oil production, it is all talk. They up to their ears with domestic alligators as it is so the last thing they need is a public slap down by the US which would feed the Saudi street view that the royal family are American lapdogs.

    I believe they will work with the US to persuade as many of those countries who pledged to vote in favor of Palestinian statehood recant to their pledges so that there is no vote or if there is a vote, that it is not the landslide this was heading for. The last thing they want is a vote followed by a veto.

    From the inimitable Spengler…

    Why Won’t Liberals Listen to Reason?

    “The left (and the European left in particular) doesn’t like certain facts because they are dying — literally. The triumph of the secular welfare state in Europe is associated with a catastrophic population decline. Three-fifths of southern Europeans will be elderly pensioners by mid-century. Of course, they’re going to go bankrupt. And Muslim society is fragile, and much of the Muslim world has entered a tailspin from which it won’t recover. The left clings to the magical idea that if only Israel would roll over and die, and validate the illusions of the Muslims, that somehow this horrific future might be avoided.

    This is about as rational as the cargo cults of New Guinea after World War II. The sociologist Eric Kaufmann is an enlightened liberal, because he observes that liberalism is a self-liquidating proposition: “The weakest link in the secular account of human nature is that it fails to account for people’s powerful desire to seek immortality for themselves and their loved ones,” he wrote in a recent book titled Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? Secular liberals don’t have children while people of faith do.”

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