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    Someone tell The Daily Caller to stop digging

    Someone tell The Daily Caller to stop digging

    “Passive-aggressive whining about people who dare to disagree with you” is Jim Treacher’s latest comment here, directed at me.

    Bizarre.  He’s been commenting furiously in the comment section here because I wrote a post critical of The Daily Caller’s handling of the Mike Tyson video about Sarah Palin.

    My post wasn’t directed at him, or even at the specific author of the Tyson post, but rather at the lack of editorial judgment at The Daily Caller, a professional, investor-funded operation which acted like a bunch of amateurs seeking to spike weekend traffic and in so doing damaged the brand.

    Similar criticism was widespread throughout much of the conservative blogosphere and even from Greta Van Susteren.  That criticism, and the damage it caused to The Daily Caller, will not go away just because a Daily Caller staffer always tries to get the last word in at the comment section of a critical blog.  Look in the mirror guys, not at the comment sections of other blogs.

    I suggested in my original post that The Daily Caller didn’t know when to stop digging.  I think I have been proven right.


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    WarEagle82 | September 24, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Owen J | September 24, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    Literally LOL! Just had a visual:

    “Jim! Stop hitting yourself in the head with that hammer!”
    “NO! I won’t just cuz you told me so!”

    But thanks – been a hard week and that laugh did me good.

    Owen J,

    Nicely summed up. Some folks just can’t take advice. That’s gonna leave a mark…

      Owen J in reply to WarEagle82. | September 24, 2011 at 11:05 pm

      On a more serious note (having known some addicts): He just doesn’t get it that people here, from the Prof on down, are trying to help him (well most of them). He’s looking like an ass, hurting his reputation and his brand, and writing is (I gather) what he does for living.

      Reputation is all he’s got — it’s the foundation of his professional life, his only asset — yet here he is, running around, posting comments in blog that are snarkly, thin-skinned, inane, idiotic, and sometimes just plain mean and stupid. He’s hurting his career and he thinks we’re trying to shut him up — which in a sense we are — because it’s clear to us that he’s hurting himself.

      He’s acting exactly like the junkies I’ve known who have all manner of rationalizations as to why their “lifestyle” is good and healthy and other have no right to “dictate” to them and let’s just “agree to disagree” while they circle the drain.

      Now personally, I could care less about about him — I was only vaguely aware of him before today — but I gather he was once successful as a writer and I can imagine what people who do care about him must feel about him destroying what he’s worked for along with the reputation he’s created.

      I imagine it’s painful for them, and as causing pain to others is generally bad, I wish he’d stop it.

      Now maybe he’s thinking it doesn’t matter — no one reads blog comments or they don’t matter if they are read and so will have no bad effect — but in that case, why has he spent all day posting here? It seems to be really important to him.

      In the end, the only conclusion possible is that he is a deeply flawed sort of person who no longer deserves whatever position he gained, or never did in the first place.

      In a short time (well a short time here, at least ) he seems to have proved to many people who might have formerly thought he had worth that he has little or none. It is either sad spectacle or a deserved come-uppance depending on your point of view.

      But you can’t force help on people. If Teacher is determined to destroy himself in public, all we can do is to let him and move on.

        JimTreacher in reply to Owen J. | September 25, 2011 at 4:07 am

        Your no-doubt genuine concern and piercing insight into my motives are noted. Nonetheless, I reserve the right to disagree, and I feel no obligation to thank people for insulting me and pretending they know why I disagree. Projection is a powerful defense mechanism.

          Owen J in reply to JimTreacher. | September 25, 2011 at 6:15 am

          Indeed it is, as are mirror imaging, denial, and self-delusion.

          But you still haven’t made a case. I am aware that you disagree — I take issue with how you have chosen to express it. That is distinct from my preceptions about the harm you are doing to your reputation.

          And since you see fit not to say here why you disagree, simply making that point over and over again seems — as been said — a bit odd.

          Either you have a position to defend or you don’t. Either you intend to state it or you don’t.

          What you seem to be saying is:
          “I reserve the right to disagree. I reserve the right to not state why I disagree.

          I assert I have an defensible position and that my disagreement is valid.

          I object to the tone that some here have used in addressing me and I find some the comments directed towards me insulting.

          I have no intention of engaging in constructive debate here on the points at issue for reasons of my own that I do not choose to reveal, as is my right.

          I assert that I have privilege to respond here in any manner I see fit, without further explanation, in consequence of what I perceive as the abuse to which I have been here subjected.”

          Did I cover things adequately? Please feel free to correct, enlarge, or amend.

    As much fun as it can be, I’m done feeding the troll.

    Blog wars serve no purpose. Taking criticism personally serves no purpose. It’s the big picture that matters. Most people who may read this don’t know or care who each of you is – they want the story – and the discussion OF the story – NOT the insults and not the wor is me, or we’re mad at you stuff.

    Remember that on a blog you are not talking to a person. You are talking to an audience. What do you really want the AUDIENCE to know. The IDEA – the POINT. Not the stubbed tow before you came on stage.

      I disagree, Rose. Blog wars do serve a purpose. The Conservative Blogosphere is self-correcting like any other peer group.

      The deserved thrashing these Daily Dump Thugs have gotten, and are getting, are object lessons that *words matter*.

      I will be surprised if the Daily Dump does something like this again but if they do, Dan Riehl, the Professor, and a big pack of others will again open a big ole can of Whoop Ass on them, not to mention Greta.

    And dammit – I need to start using the preview function . (wor is woe… tow is toe.)

    TONIGHT – Bill Maher: Sarah Palin Would Hump Perry if He was Black…

    Roughly one minute into his opening monolog on Friday’s “Real Time,” the host mocked Texas governor Rick Perry’s performance at Thursday’s presidential debate and disgustingly quipped, “Sarah Palin was watching and she said, ‘If only he was black, I’d f–k him’”


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