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    So you’re telling me he’s clueless

    So you’re telling me he’s clueless

    From Senator Jim DeMint, some obvious points about Obama’s complete lack of understanding of the job market (emphasis mine):

    “I spent most of m life in business,’ DeMint told Glor, “and I’m hearing what the president is talking about, which are temporary incentives like giving a company 5,000 (dollars) to hire someone. It cost a company about $65,000 a year to create a $40,000-a-year job. No company is gonna create a job for $5,000. If they were gonna hire the person anyway, they would certainly take it. But the president is not thinking like an American businessperson who has to look long-term, has to have some certainty. We need to know what that tax rate’s gonna be, what the cost of health insurance, what the cost of unemployment insurance. The way he’s talking is not like what I hear from the businesses around South Carolina or throughout the country. So he doesn’t seem to be on the same page with what it really takes to create jobs.”

    Yes, indeed.  Businesses will take the money if offered, and Obama then will count the job as created or saved, but the handout hasn’t created or saved a job in the real world.  But when all you know is government, government is all you know.


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    jakee308 | September 5, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    One doesn’t learn about running a business at Harvard Law or Columbia or even on the South Side of Chicago.

    Mostly what one learns in those venues is how to steal legally, how to hide the theft and who to steal it from.

    jakee308 | September 5, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    A modification of my previous comment;
    I should have said ‘what HE learned in those venues was..”

    Apologies for my exuberance getting in the way of accuracy.

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