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    “Smart Girl” Janis Kelly for Mayor … of Ithaca!

    “Smart Girl” Janis Kelly for Mayor … of Ithaca!

    You want to see me spike the football so hard the earth will shake harder than in the D.C. Earthquake?

    You have not seen anything like what will take place here if Janis Kelly, Republican and unabashed Tea Party supporter, is elected Mayor of Ithaca.  You can donate here.  Her website, which should be live any minute, is  You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

    Here’s some background on Kelly she sent to me in an e-mail:

    I and several other Tea Party Republicans have been working for 3 years on rebuilding the formerly moribund City of Ithaca Republican Party from the ground up. Mayoral campaign is part of that longterm strategy, but the Dems are in such disarray that we might actually win….

    I got into this because of Smart Girl Politics which all Smart Girls and  Smart Guys should join and support. Their previous national Smart Girl Summits are where I had activist training by ( the best training out there), and I also did candidate training with a couple weeks ago.

    Kelly was the only person speak out against Ithaca’s absurd “City of Sanctuary” resolution at an Ithaca Common Council meeting in 2008.  I just realized, she’s also been a Legal Insurrection reader and commenter at least since early 2009.

    Here’s her platform:

    We need business growth to pay for essential city programs. We must end job-killing political theater. Think I’m kidding? Go to a city planning board meeting. See the costly delays imposed by public scolds who have never created a single job and whose main agenda is stoking their own moral vanity. We must wrestle control of the city away from the “enlightened” and back into the hands of sensible Ithacans.

    Tax dollars must not be poured into growing the city payroll, as was done with the tax money from new businesses that had been developed during Alan Cohen’s administration. We need to shrink the city payroll, which is 70 percent of the budget.

    We should stop using “what other cities pay” as the benchmark for city salaries. Use what a private worker earns. Government workers are paid 34 percent more than private workers.

    We must stop using public money for favored private groups…. This is low-grade, politically correct corruption, and it is wrong. Elect Janis Kelly for mayor of Ithaca and I will work every day for honest, frugal, sensible government

    Before you say, “you’re out of your mind” if you think Kelly has a chance, keep in mind there are 3 well-known mainstream Democrats on the Democratic primary next Tuesday.  Two One of them already have has other party lines for November, so if the third wins the primary (which is expected), there will be three two well-known liberal Democrats on the November, plus Kelly on the Republican line, and a couple of others running on independent lines.

    As reported by the Cornell Daily Sun:

    Disputes  within the crowded Democratic primary field may help other candidates  capture the mayor’s seat, said Republican mayoral candidate Janis Kelly  ’71, chair of the city’s Republican committee.

    “I  think the Democrats have some strategic problems and that this is the  best chance for a Republican to win the mayoral race in the last 30  years,” Kelly said, citing the possibility that all three Democrats  could run on different party lines in November’s general election. “The  more people we have on the ballot to split the vote, the fewer any one  [candidate] has to get to win.”  [note added: After the interview, one of the candidates was dropped from the Working Family party line for lack of valid petition signatures, so there may be two Democrats on the ballot, one on the Democratic line and one on the Independence line.]

    Kelly needs money for a get-out-the-vote operation.  You can donate here.

    Some more contact info:  Kelly For Mayor, 101 The Commons, #303, Ithaca, NY 14850, Email: [email protected], Phone: 607-441-6032.


    Donations tax deductible
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    […] will face independents Christopher Kusznir and Wade Wykstra as well as the Republican (and self-declared supporter of the extremist Tea Party) candidate Janis Kelly ’71 in the Nov. 8 general election. […]

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