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    Saturday Night Card Game (The “Negrophobia” card is played)

    Saturday Night Card Game (The “Negrophobia” card is played)

    This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

    I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before.  Broken dreams and shattered hopes that the use of the race card for political gain would not get any worse.  But I told you it would.

    This may be the night, however, when it has peaked, because it can’t possibly get any worse than this post by “Dennis G.” at the popular left-wing Balloon Juice blog (via Crawdad Hole), The Modern Negrophobists reaction to the President’s speech…

    Balloon Juice, you may recall, was one of the first entrants into the Saturday Night Card Game, making an appearance on November 14, 2009.

    “Dennis G.” uses a mid-19th Century cartoon of a drowning white man refusing to be saved by a black man, followed by this assertion about anticipated reaction from right-wingers and the professional left to Obama’s jobs speech:

    This cartoon from 1862 could run in the papers tomorrow as an example of the typical Republican/Wingnut reaction to President Obama’s speech (it would also cover the reaction of more than a few firebaggers as well). This has been the reaction to everything President Obama has done so far, so I see no reason why it would stop tonight.

    Wow.  Right-wingers and firebaggers — who Dennis G. presumes all to be white  — refuse to be saved by Barack Obama because Obama is black.

    And the proof?  Well, all us wingnuts and the firebaggers refer to Obama as a “lawn jockey.”

    Oh wait, my mistake, that was a Balloon Juice blogger referring to Juan Williams as a lawn jockey.

    I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when the rise of the race card began to slow and our nation began to heal.  Because it couldn’t possibly get any worse.


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    Believe I posted this at my place, a while back..

    Remember the Rodney King riots? If and when (hopefully) obama loses, Rodney’s riots could be thought of as child’s play.

    If the black person in the image is supposed to be Obama, he gets insulted as well. I don’t see how any relevant point is made, since the person using the graphic is insulting the President just to pretend they know how conservatives think.

    They can try to argue that the President will lose re-election based on race, but he has the hurdle of an enormous 9.1% unemployment rate to contend with first. And right now, black people have the highest rates of unemployment. Accusations of racism isn’t going to make much of a difference for them (or anyone).

    The Muslims are murdering, raping, enslaving, and coercing conversion of black Africans, and others, because they are black. On a related note, it’s amusing that activists are concerned about “apartheid” in Israel (following the Palestinian’s war of aggression and numerous massacres of Jews and others throughout the centuries and as late as the early 20th century), while ostensibly ignoring the dark history of Islamic enlightenment in that region and surrounding areas.

    The Tutsi slaughtered the Hutu slaughtered the Tutsi because they were black.

    Native Americans murdered, raped, enslaved, and pillaged other native Americans because they were red.

    People resisted Hitler because he was white.

    People resisted Stalin and the other communist cretins because they were white, brown, and black.

    There is a common theme that runs through these campaigns, and it is not about “race”, but about competing interests.

    Following enlightenment, people in large measure rejected left-wing regimes and their advocacy for progressive involuntary exploitation and totalitarian policies. That is the reason why Obama and others of his kind will receive a cold reception in America and other nations where the people still value liberty through self-moderating behavior, and they favor charitable works and donations (i.e., voluntary exploitation) over coercion in order to assist individuals who momentarily falter.

    In any case, while appeals to emotion and quelling dissent with this tactic are still effective, and will likely remain viable for the foreseeable future, it is progressively becoming quite boring. Quite boring and yet quite profitable.

    ironghost | September 10, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    The Race card will keep being played as long as it’s important to democrats.

    First, just reading that blog makes one realize the amount of thought and research he must have put into it. Then you realize that it was the same amount of thought and research he put into voting for Obama. Then it all makes sense.

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