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    What’s doing?

    Palin’s appearance on Greta last night certainly leaves the impression she’s not running, and the reasons she articulated may very well be what she is thinking, not just cover talk:

    If someone doesn’t deeply want it, they should not run. Chris Christie (regardless of his merits) didn’t want it badly enough, so he was right to not run. I wonder about reluctant candidate like Rick Perry, who initially said not interested then was interested. Perhaps his first few weeks reflected lingering ambivalence — although since the last debate he seems fired up.  Maybe the harsh reaction to the last debate was just what Perry needed, and in the long run will be a benefit because it got him and his campaign focused.

    What else is happening?

    Added:  How about this, Iran ‘steals surface-to-air missiles from Libya’.

    From the comments:
    Pakistan on the Brink
    Rick Perry sorry for the “heart” line

    Something I can’t bring myself to do a whole post on: Meghan McCain is a total fool like totally and a total bully and totally humorless and totally pathetic and she even totally lied about me, too, and I hope that one totally day she totally gets what’s totally coming to her, namely, everyone totally ignoring her.


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    Question: Does anyone know if Sarah Palin can speak in Seoul as a declared candidate? Does it break any rules?

    I ask because this topic has been floating around the Net and no one I’ve read seems to know.

    Hey, Van Horn,
    when did I ever criticize Sarah Palin? Don’t put things out there that I never said. Or do you mean Cain saying he won’t support Perry if he is the nominee? Clarify what you mean and let me reply. So what were you trying to say?
    I was split between Cain and Perry giving both the benefit of the doubt, trying to find out more about both of them. I also liked Michelle Bachmann. I happen to live in Texas and have been aware of Perrys economic record for the past 10 years. I was impressed by Cain at the debates. So, do I have problems with Perry? Yes. But I will not support a so-called Conservative who throws the other Conservative under the bus for Mitt Romney. I put the appropriate interviews out there so you could read them yourself. sarah is not in the race. When or if she gets in I’ll look at her candidacy. So what the heck were you trying to say?

      SmokeVanThorn in reply to damocles. | September 29, 2011 at 11:58 am

      Did I say YOU criticized Palin?

      You are – at least for now – a Perry advocate. Do you have the text of what your guy tried but failed to say?

        damocles in reply to SmokeVanThorn. | September 29, 2011 at 2:42 pm

        Okay,I still don’t know what your lumping me in with your criticsm was about. “Perry supporters are the LAST people who ought to be snarky about other criticizing potential candidates’ minor verbal errors.” I did not criticize anyone for verbal minor errors. The immediate post before was criticizing Palin. I don’t consider Cain’s statement saying he wouldn’t support Perry if he was the nominee to be a verbal slip, if that is what you were referring to. If you are merely throwing my name in there as a Perry supporter, who you feel like trashng today, go ahead. I don’t follow your logic. I know that Perry was awful in the debate, which is why yesterday’s interview with him seemed so much more coherent. I try to be open minded, but I just don’t follow your logic at all. Perhaps your engaging me is what a troll is? I’m not sure, I’m new to the internet. If so, happy trolling.

          SmokeVanThorn in reply to damocles. | September 29, 2011 at 5:23 pm

          Please read this carefully:

          The reply in question was made to retire05. If you look at the post to which I was responding, he/she made a smarky comment about Palin’s lip of the tongue regarding Cain’s first name. You weren’t mentioned at all in that paragraph.

          You posted a comment that included a couple of links to which you added your commentary that (a) Perry had given an “impressive interview” and (b) Cain is a sell out who is not interested in electing a conservative. From this I deduced that you are a Perry supporter.

          I simply asked if either you or retire05 could provide me with the text of the line(s) Perry flubbed in Orlando. Neither of you have been able or willing to do so.

          I’m not sure about your approach. On the one hand, you seem willing to acknowledge some of Perry’s faults and consider other candidates. On the other hand, you resorted to the “troll” accusation pretty quickly. retire05 has a history of attacking the other candidates, then whining about “vitriol” when others respond to his attacks or criticize Perry. The “troll” gambit seems like a variation on retire05’s SOP, but I’m going to chalk it to a misunderstanding regarding whether I was accusing you of being snarky about Palin’s mistake rather than assume that you are operating in bad faith.

    kobayashi | September 29, 2011 at 10:50 am

    There is a practical limit on who is a viable 2012 candidate in the earliest filing deadline to get on a state primary ballot.
    There is a non-political tactical reason to delay filing as long as possible in that the Obama campaign won’t be any more constrained this election than it was last election by federal election laws and in particular the federal matching regulations.
    Phrased differently whoever the winner of the nomination is will need massive amounts of financial “ammo” and a very strong ability to withstand the kind of mudslinging that’s come to be called “Palinizing”.
    Whoever wins the nomination Will be Palinized.
    The early Palinizing of Cain has been that “He ran a small Pizza joint you just can’t compare that with having been president” and “He was in the Federal Reserve”.
    When it got down to this blue-state primary in 2008 I supported Romney, but that was then this is now.

    I want a president who can give us the 2012 equivalent of the recovery from the 1920 Depression.

    I don’t want a president who’s going to give us a repeat of the 1912 Progressive Fiasco.

    Cain is what I’m going with; I …might…re-asses if Palin declares between now and my states primary.

    kobayashi | September 29, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    The “Palinizers” are using “Herb Cain” in place of Herman Cain. If you’ve read David Horowitz’s “Rules For Revolution” or any of the several counter-progressive-Alinsky manuals use it to filter out the BS.

    The RNC/Washington Insider crowd is the ‘who’s behind the Stop Perry need a moderate’ agenda and they deep-sixed Cain months ago as one of the “Not A Serious Candidate” months before the Florida Straw Poll.

    My first objective of two is to do everything I can to get a Conservative, Constitutional, Smaller Government, cut the Gordian Knot of regulations candidate gets the 2012 Nomination.

    Second objective is to do a clean sweep of all of the Progressives in the 2012 Election, from dog-catcher to “Commander-in-Chief”.

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