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    No time to rest

    No time to rest

    From the guy no longer on MSNBC because he was so outrageous they had to tone things down a bit by replacing him with Al Sharpton:

    These guys in the Obama camp are in for a horrible, rude awakening. Sometime in the next year, they are going to blink and realize they are lying flat on their back on the canvas. Then as they finally stumble up, they’ll realize they should have started fighting 11 rounds ago. Then a panic will set in, but I’m afraid it will be too late by then.

    Here is what all voters, and especially independents, despise and disdain in a politician — weakness. Nobody wants to see their leader get beat to a pulp every night and then bow his head again.

    There is no secret, brilliant strategy. This White House is in a bubble. They think they’re winning when the roof is about to cave in.

    I’ll rest when it’s over, not a second before.


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    It’s not rope-a-dope, it’s a dope-on-the-ropes.

    From the guy no longer on MSNBC because he was so outrageous they had to tone things down a bit by replacing him with Al Sharpton:

    Thanks for my first laugh of the day.

    (I know, it’s kind of late in the day for that.)

    “They think they’re winning when the roof is about to cave in.”

    Dunno. Holidays. Camp David. Golfing.

    Here’s what bugs me: the situation apparently doesn’t bug the WH one bit. Obama’s apparent blithe indifference to the damage he has done to the Office is freakish. There are only two scenarios that make sense to me:

    A) From the beginning Barry expected to be a one-termer, with a mission that included seeing to it that he is set-up pretty, post presidentially, until the end of his days. “It’s, like, failure was in the business plan.” All just a game. Sops to the unions now and spend the rest of his life blaming his failures on Bush or something, at $100k per speaking gig.


    B) Barry expects to crash the system and the Constitution as necessary and intends never to leave office, the rules notwithstanding. The colossal failures to date aren’t a bug, they’re a feature. That is definitely how Trumka and Van Jones seem to prefer it. “Force this President to do what he knows he must do.”

    it’s not over until we’re burying the (metaphorical, for all you literal types) carcass at the crossroads at midnight under the full moon, or they are burying us in the unmarked grave of those who fought evil and failed.

    until then, full press, no slack, no quarter and forward, no matter what.

    ignore the liars and quislings that would start petty side fights amongst ourselves and know them for the evil they are, bought for less than thirty pieces, and keep your eye on the enemy, for enemy they are.

    live free or die.

    I think Obama’s just trying to make himself the underdog…after all, everyone roots for the underdog…

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