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    Conservatives coalescing around … Mitt?

    Conservatives coalescing around … Mitt?

    Via HotAir, Mitt Romney has scored two significant conservative endorsements recently, Jeff Flake and Darrel Issa.  While that may not constitute a coalescing around Romney, it does help insulate him from RINO charges.  Whatever he once was, is he now the conservative who can win?

    What’s up with this?

    I think it may be dissatisfaction, or maybe disappointment, with Rick Perry’s roll-out.  His first debate performance was disappointing, and his second while better, still was less than stellar.  Frankly, he seemed unprepared for the debates.

    I think Perry can recover, but I also think there may have been expectations which were built too high.  And nothing disappoints like unfulfilled expectations, which accounts for his not great recent polling.

    The primaries are a marathon, not a sprint.  Romney’s strategy has been to go slow, a strategy I criticized as creating a vacuum, but one which may prevail in the long run.

    Has Romney survived the Perry push?  Does this tweet I sent after the first Perry debate apply?


    I’ll answer my own question.  It’s not too late for Perry to regain momentum or at least stabilize his frontrunner status, but he needs to do it soon.


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    Romney wants to win. This may be his last chance. If he loses this time and runs again in 2016, he will have gained the name as perennial runner like Pat whats-his-name and Shorty wats-his name who are both deceased but ran for years in every election and were jokes. He will say anything and do anything to win. He’s just another politician and nothing else. An establishment republican in love with the status quo in DC from a professional political family like Bush. . Having said that, if by some horrid chance he wins the nomination, I will vote for him. It is that important to get rid of obama before he totally wrecks this country. It may already be too late. With the crazy support obama still has, I don’t think Romney can win.

    momofsons | September 22, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    Palin as McCain deux?? I don’t think so. Perry’s state’s rights points are very true NOW. But just like in 1994 when the republicans retook congress, I said the very next day. “lets see how much they do about too much federal power now that it is their power.” The only one who has demonstrated an ability to actually stand up to the corrupt power brokers and return power to the people has been Palin. The only ones who derive their power from the voter and not the establishment power brokers are Palin, Cain, Johnson, & Paul. BTW Palin is running.

    Mark30339 | September 22, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Some early endorsements for Romney certainly help his cause. The GOP always carries a large but feeble faction that fears bold idealogues. That faction went for Ford in 1976 and George H.W. Bush in 1980 because it feared a nominee that might rock the boat. We got Reagan anyway and thank goodness we did. My guess is that Romney is perceived to be the “won’t rock the boat” candidate.

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