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    Christie waiting on Palin?

    Christie waiting on Palin?

    According to Juan Williams, Christie only will get in if it looks like Palin is getting in, setting himself up as the anti-Palin, since she would be unstoppable against the current field:

    What will it take to get Chris  Christie to say yes and run for the GOP nomination?

    Come on down — Sarah  Palin.

    If the queen of the Tea  Party makes a grand entrance into the Republican primary sweepstakes the New Jersey  governor will finally say yes to all the calls for him to jump into the race….

    All the talk about Palin has the Republican political establishment seeing red.  They fear losing control of the nominating process and the whole party spiraling  down, sinking into a sea of far-right polarization and the cult of personality  around Palin if “Sarah Barracuda” – her nickname as star high school basketball  player — swims into their waters and begins eating up Mitt  Romney, Rick  Perry and the other current Republican candidates.

    Williams’ theory — and I don’t know if it’s anything more than that — makes sense:

    None of those [poll] numbers will matter if Palin gets in the race.  She will become a media sensation. The rest of the field will be an  afterthought. That is the moment when the Republican political establishment  will send out the call for the one remaining political star on the GOP side who  can take the spotlight away from Palin. That candidate is Gov. Christie.

    The only way for Christie to get out from under his promises and suicide threats not to run is to claim that the world has changed.  Which it would have if Palin gets in.

    The problem with Christie’s strategy of waiting for Palin is that Palin keeps waiting, while Christie keeps promising he’s not running.  A late entrance by Palin will make her look tactically astute, while a reactionary late entrance by Christie will make him look like a reactionary late entrant.

    [Note: “?” added to title because it’s just Williams saying it for now, although it makes sense to me.]


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    Estragon | October 1, 2011 at 5:25 am

    Unadulterated hogwash.

    There is not a single shred of evidence to support this cockamamie idea, which is the product of a vivid imagination. Juan Williams, really?

    Paranoia strikes deep . . .

    There are some great comments on the threads the professor has going; reasonable, articulate and untroll-like. People need to reflect, debate and disagree.

    I like Rick Perry. There was video around a few months ago from a pastor who interviewed some of the GOP candidates and included both Palin and Perry. Rather than politics the interview touched on some of the personal, religious and human qualities of the candidates. Palin’s interview was pretty good but Perry was wonderful – charming, sincere and charismatic. That being said Perry is a good old boy whose method of doing business is you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back. That makes him an all star fund raiser and very popular with the government-industrial complex. But is that what we need right now? Another GOP lobby fest in Washington DC? The Republicans will likely will gain great power this election cycle. Do we want yet another round of the spoils of politics in Washington, DC with the red lobby replacing a blue lobby?

    I admit there is an element of risk involved with Governor Sara Palin. For her to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the Alinsky nuclear attack launched on her would be one miracle. Much of the criticism directed at Governor Palin is the fallout from this unprecedented malicious attack on her. How much of your knowledge of her comes from this conspiracy of 400 reporters, politicians, pundits and professors?

    Take a minute with a pencil and paper when you are by yourself. Honestly – remember you are alone – write down every accomplishment you can think of Sarah Heath Palin. And not just the accomplishments but also the hurdles she has overcome. If you need some information, beg, borrow, or buy a copy of Stephen K. Bannon’s film “The Undefeated.” Come on be honest. When you are done read the list.

    She is also a woman. Believe me that is a problem on the deepest psychological level in some quarters. If she prevails over the next fourteen months she will be the first female President of the US, Commander in Chief, leader of the “free world” and one of the most powerful people on the face of the earth. This is causing great unease made worse because men are getting hammered from all sides in out feminized society. Throw in the fact that from all reports of people meeting her in person she is not just attractive but stunning. It makes for a powerful psychological cocktail. For her to overcome this deep seated instinctive and reflexive misogyny will be another miracle.

    Williams rant and his comment of—” since she would be unstoppable against the current field:” are the only things he and I agree on.

    It’s all part of the RINO Stampede GOP strategy for clearing the path for Romney so they can go after him with in the end with a Bush-approved liberal Democrat. Most of the stalking horses are still playing the “will he or won’t he run” game on the sidelines to derail the narrative when a Bachmann or Cain surge in the polls.

    The only reason the GOP establishment won’t commit to Romney is because they know he won’t win. In a weak field, he should be polling far better than the 24% barrier he just can’t seem to break through despite campaigning for so long. And not like he is polling all that well against a very, very weak president.

    I am more than ever convinced that the GOP would rather lose in 2012 than allow a strong conservative to win the nomination. The dirty money Rove kowtows to doesn’t care about party, they will again split their money between the two parties but assuming both are committed to their one-world-without-borders globalist agenda (which is what always happens), they will again direct most of that money to the candidate most likely to win. Right now, that would be Hillary.

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