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    Chris Christie, or the virtues of Honey Badgers

    Chris Christie, or the virtues of Honey Badgers

    There has been a ton of speculation that Chris Christie may run for president after his speech at the Reagan Library.  Now that the hype about Perry and Bachmann has dwindled, the first-term NJ Gov would generate a storm of media attention.

    I would be ecstatic if Christie entered the race. That’s because he’s my kind of politician: a Honey Badger.

    Chris Christie doesn’t care if he’s re-elected in NJ. He’d otherwise be nuts to take on public sector unions, one of the main engines of their political machine. There’s a lot to be done in order to make the state look fiscally sane, but the Gov seems to be on the right track. Similarly, Honey Badgers don’t care much about their popularity; they’re all about finishing their agenda. They’re both fearless — just ask Guinness World Records.

    And because he stands by the agendas he makes, he stands in contrast to Multiple Choice Mitt & Cowboy Corporatist Rick Perry.

    But it isn’t just that Christie is reforming the public sector. His speech on the legalization of medical marijuana was a great example of the thought that goes into his decision-making. He’s like Mitch Daniels… with a personality… and recognition.

    Update: There has been some criticism in the comment section about Chris Christies stance on:

    Carbon. True, he believes in global warming. But I refer you to this editorial from the WSJ over the summer:

    “How politically unpopular is cap-and-trade policy? So much that Governor Chris Christie announced late last week that he’s pulling New Jersey out of the 10 state Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which was designed to create a trading auction for the right to emit carbon dioxide.

    The Garden State is a left-of-center suburban state highly sensitive to symbolic environmental politics, yet Mr. Christie felt he could safely withdraw on economic grounds. The Republican said he believes that climate change is real and that human activity is “part of the problem.” But he called the regional compact a “failure” because it has not “changed behavior and it does not reduce emissions.” He added that the tax on emissions was hurting efforts to “make New Jersey a more business-friendly environment and a place where private sector jobs can continue to be created.”

    I’ll take that.

    Gun control.  Chris Christie isn’t as bad as most liberals, but he still isn’t great. I concede that. However, he at least has the hutzpah to intervene during egregious abuses of the laws put on the books by overwhelmingly Democratic legislators.

    Amnesty. Uh, I agree with him that is an administrative matter. 

    Don’t forget. Chris Christie is a governor in a state that is bluer than every single lake in Hudson County *shudder*. I criticized him when he was running for being too moderate, but he faked center and ran right. I trust he can do that again in a country that is more conservative than liberal; where common sense has been gone for too long.







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    aguyfromjersey | September 28, 2011 at 8:26 am

    Chris Christie took on the State Unions because he saw they were going to bankrupt the state. And he gets praised for doing the right thing? But he did not go as far as Walker did.

    State wide elections in November. Both Assembly and Senate up for grabs. If he does not get control of both houses, his goose is cooked.

    If he is the nominee I’d vote for him but my preference is someone to take a look at Sarah Palin’s record instead of just declaring her unelectable. It’s called fair play. Let the Democrats deem her unelectable.

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