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    Charts of the Day: Obama’s Failed Stimulus Promises

    Charts of the Day: Obama’s Failed Stimulus Promises

    As Obama talks up Son of Spendulus, it is important to remember how his promises of job creation fared last time.  Below are two charts, the second new for this post.

    From Veronique de Rugy:

    …and my own Photoshop of the graph, focusing only on the human toll of Obama’s broken stimulus promises. These people are generally did not become unemployed in the first place because of Obama’s broken promises, although some surely did lose their jobs thanks to his commitment to crippling regulations on those businesses that aren’t lucky enough to be members of the Crony Capitalist Club.  However, Obama took responsibility for putting a certain number of the unemployed to work, and he failed miserably by his own metric.

    Let’s not get fooled again.


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    Doesn’t anyone find Obama’s verbal tic curious? Washington must put people to work. Congress must do X. This bill will do Y. What the hell is this? It’s almost as if Obama believes Americans are helpless proles who are too stupid and lazy to do anything for themselves. Feh. This man does NOT understand Americans or what makes us exceptional. He’s spent his entire life as a societal parasite, standing up for parasites and relying exclusively on the generosity and apathy of the host organism.

    Success for Obama has ONLY ever been defined as enlarging the parasite class at the expense of the ever-generous host. And now the host has decided that the Chief Parasite and his parasite-class have gorged enough. What a fool.

    Here’s a more instructive view.

    Notice the economy was shedding jobs at an increasing rate through 2008. With passage of the stimulus at the beginning of 2009, this trend reversed, jobs losses slowed, then were slowly added. Since the stimulus has petered out, job creation has stalled.

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