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    Cain and Palin win Legal Insurrection Straw Poll

    Cain and Palin win Legal Insurrection Straw Poll

    Over 2400 votes cast.

    Herman Cain wins with an overwhelming 46%  based on the current field, with Perry (21%) and Romney (10%) far behind.  Sarah Palin wins big in an expanded field including Chris Christie, at 58% with Cain dropping to second at 14%, Christie at 13% , Perry at 8% and Romney at 3.5%.   (These numbers are rounded, full and precise results here.)

    First all the usual caveats.  Not a scientific poll.  Not even a poll.  Like a true straw poll a measure of who showed up and enthusiasm.  Not surprisingly, this blog has a large pro-Palin contingent, and there were some links to the poll in the comment sections of pro-Palin blogs which may account for her higher numbers to some extent.

    My observations from this straw poll:

    • Cain likely is getting the vote from those not happy with the two frontrunners, similar to the “no confidence” vote (Bill Kristol’s term) in the Florida straw poll.  When the field expands Cain’s percentage dropped dramatically.
    • Support for Romney and Perry is a mile wide and an inch thin.  They lose when others get in or gain momentum, as in the Florida straw poll.
    • Chris Christie (at last report, still not getting in) takes votes away from Romney, consistent with Dan Riehl’s theory that Christie is being pushed by the establishment not as an anti-Perry candidate, but out of fears that Romney is weak.
    • Palin has an ethusiastic base of support, more organized on the internet than any other candidate.  That there were some links at pro-Palin blogs reflects that there are pro-Palin blogs but few if any blogs backing the curent front runners.  (Someone please point me to pro-Romney or pro-Perry blogs which are not creatures of the campaign.)

    Your thoughts?


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    I would suggest that Red State (dba Red State 4 Perry) is deep in the Perry woods. Erickson of course introduced Gov. Perry when he gave his announcement.

    Also, much of PJM recent pieces look like copy and paste off the Perry website (sadly).

    What is disturbing is that websites are unwilling to self disclose their allegiances. At PJM, Roger L. Simon (who I admire) recently interviewed Dick Cheney on the topic of the recent Perry news brief on Israel. Roger kept injecting himself by trying to get Cheney to speak positively about Perry’s comments, and Cheney adroitly kept batting those suggestions down.

    At least the Palin support web sites make no bones about their overt support for Sarah Palin.

    To the “Only A RINO Can Beat Obama” crowd I say…

    Better Pink than Red?

    I don’t think so.

    Questions for only a “RINO is Electable” mindset:

    What is the definition of “Too Far Right?” and in the view of whom?

    What is the definition of “Too Far Left?” and in the view of whom?

    Which recent Presidents were too far right and too far left?

    How did these “extremist” presidents get elected/reelected if the electability litmus test is an amalgam?

    In my view, Bush would have lost against any Democrat if he could have run for a third term.

      JayDick in reply to VotingFemale. | September 26, 2011 at 1:12 pm

      From my personal viewpoint, even Reagan was too liberal. But a candidate that met my personal views could not get elected; as always, we are forced to choose from a limited number of available alternatives.

      Electability, unfortunately, is based on far more than a candidate’s basic political views. I may agree more with Cain or Palin on basic views, but I don’t think either could win a general election. Who was it that first said he would vote for the most conservative electable candidate? Was that Bill Buckley? In any even, it is very good advice, especially in these times. Obama must be defeated, even if it takes a RINO to do it, although I hope that is not the case.

    exodus2011 | September 26, 2011 at 1:43 pm


    Very accurate analysis of the LI straw poll results.


    Professor Jacobson mentioned pro-Sarah Palin blogs, some officially hers, some from organizations supporting her like O4P, and some just from people who like her enough to start a website. Incidentally, they seem to be multiplying like rabbits lately.

    There is another phenomenon, a large and rapidly growing number of Sarah Palin videos. They seem to be spontaneously generated by people who like her. They are of varying quality but they are coming fast and furiously.


    Ever seen anything like it?

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