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    Wisconsin Sup Ct “Chokehold” Update

    Wisconsin Sup Ct “Chokehold” Update

    The Dane County Sheriff’s Office, which was tasked with investigating allegations that Justice David Prosser put a “chokehold” on Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, has concluded its investigation without a recommendation of prosecution.

    As reported by JSOnline (via SteveEgg and Charlie Sykes):

    An investigation into an altercation between two state Supreme Court justices has been turned over to prosecutors.

    Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said Monday he received the investigative file from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. Investigators made no recommendation on whether to charge anyone, Ozanne said.

    Ozanne said he is now reviewing whether his office has a conflict of interest in handling the case. Justices were arguing over a case Ozanne was involved in when Justices David Prosser and Ann Walsh Bradley got into a physical dispute. Ozanne said he hopes to reach a decision this week on whether to have his office handle it or refer it to a special prosecutor.

    I wouldn’t read too much into the lack of a recommendation, since the Dane County Sheriff came under serious criticism because of his political connection to Democrats on the Supreme Court.  He may simply have viewed it as cleaner to complete the report and let the District Attorney’s Office make conclusions, if any, as to prosecution.


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    Aggie95 | August 1, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    Hey thanks for posting this …I disagree however and am fairly certain that if the good sheriff thought he could bag Prosser he would have. If I remember correctly he supported Prosser’s opponent even going so far as making a vid for her as did the county judge who ruled against Walkers law.

    This is a slow-walk investigation and will be a slow-walk charging decision (if charging is what happens.)

    Reason? The (D) Party wants to resume control of the State Senate; elections are coming in the next 2 weeks (16th is the last one.)

    If they make fools of themselves beforehand, by requiring depositions from all the parties–which will be public–it’s over for them.

    He should have just kicked her in her democrat balls.

    Silly, silly people. You are all missing the Big Point. It’s not the seriousness of the charges, or even if there is a chance in hell of making them stick. It’s the *timing* of the charges.

    The charge of Attempted Murder of a Supreme Court Judge will be filed on the day before the election. The carefully-worded editorials are already being written for the papers, along with AP articles detailing the encounter from the most biased point of view. And for the Left, it will be a Twofer, they get to smear their least-favorite Supreme and provide a critical election day boost to their favorite socialist candidates.

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